When shaking hands becomes a hug

by Zana August 03 | 2011

When shaking hands becomes a hug

First of all I'd like to thank you all who had a session with me in the temple and thank you all for letting me touch you.

It has been a wonderful journey working with you so far and I am hoping to have to opportunity to welcome more and more beautiful soul in the Tantra Temple.

When you submit you request and make your appointment through our web page, you have just a rough idea of what it is really going to be like.
You come here with your own personal issues, fears, visions, ideas and expectations. But the aim is that here in our Temple we create a sacred and safe environment which you can relax into, let go of fears and expectations, open up and just be.

It is amazing indeed to see the transformation one goes through during a session, the way a person starts opening up and leaves with a big smile on his/her face.

You arrive at the Tantra Temple, you meet me for the first time, we don't know each other.
Suddenly we you find yourself in an intimate environment with a complete stranger.
At this point perhaps many different thoughts are crossing your mind, whether they be sexually, emotionally, intellectually related, the growth and transformation starts here.

You need to trust, you need to let go, relax and believe that this exchange of energies is exactly what you benefit from.
It is the same for me, I trust you, I share my space with you with the openness of my heart.

Then healing takes place and the initial, introductory hand-shake melts into a hug by the end of our session.

Best wishes to all