Our new Tantric massage (with a twist!)

Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to announce something special that I’ve prepared for you: the new Tantra Bondage Massage! You will experience the session while tied up. It’s a completely new way to enjoy a massage. And it’s the perfect opportunity for you to surrender to a deeper state of consciousness.

For some people the idea of being tied up and helpless makes them panic and feel fear. But for some it’s exciting. Why the difference? It’s because fear and excitement come from the same place in our body and it just depends which emotion prevails. Changing from fear to excitement is like a swing; you have to move forward to set it in motion. After you cross the border of the fear of the unknown it can be transformed in to excitement. This applies for any situation you may fear.

This session may help you to overcome some of your fears. You will learn they are just emotions and simply a part of you. And once you face your fears, you can begin an exciting adventure. To book a session, please go to the reservations form.