Vegetarian or Paleo diet?

by Bara August 02 | 2014

Vegetarian or Paleo diet?

Last week I did a detox program just drinking special liquids and no solid food. I found I had a lot of spare time. Instead of cooking I was thinking about my eating habits and, of course, sometimes desiring good food.

I observed how many times during the day I would usually eat or just snack on something small and tasty. And I discovered it was many times, often in fact. Of course, it’s not just me this is a very common habit.

The habit is to satisfy ourselves, to simply feel full and happier. The food often becomes a substitution for love and it suppress all those feelings of loneliness or unhappiness or other negative emotions. It is like an instant satisfaction and, as with all instant things, it doesn’t sustain you for long and the need soon comes back.

I have studied and experimented with different kinds of eating styles for four years. There are many alternatives, for example: macrobiotic, vegetarian, vitarian, vegan and paleo diets. In the end I discovered it’s not about the latest dieting fads and fashions, it’s about creating your own eating style. I observed what food my digestive tract liked and what felt wrong. And then I simply created a list of foods that go down well with me.

The second bad habit we tend to have is eating too much, probably three times more than we naturally need. My problems came from simply eating more than my digestive system was able to process. To be honest, I don’t believe in eating little portions every three hours, as many diets advise. That is not enough time to digest. The fact is one nutritionally balanced meal a day would completely be enough. But, as I said, everyone has to find their way.

We should also ask: what is real hunger? And separate it from sexual hunger, hunger for love or company. Try to find the real desire that’s covered by hunger. People sometimes confuse an inner desire for love or other needs and instead choose an easier way to fulfill that urge – by eating food.

Because the body is our temple, we shouldn’t put anything in our mouths before thinking twice about it. We should be very picky about what we eat, with full awareness of how certain foods affect us. Don’t let the food control you.

I guess eating to cover some other issue is a big thing for many people, because every day I see overweight people. And sometimes when I observe them eating, it appears they’re not really loving or savoring the food they eat. I’ve found myself eating in this way many times, that’s why I know how it feels. It’s like you don’t care whether you’re eating caviar or dry bread.

How ever it is for you, I want you to know that this is not about judgment but only about facing the actual situation in terms of your eating style. With the omnipresent temptations of fast foods, for example, the media certainly doesn’t make it easier for us.

But I say we always have a choice. And that’s why I worship and am thankful for the food I eat. With the knowledge that what I put inside will show up on the outside, too, I choose the portions that best respects my digestion rhythms.

The body is the physical aspect of our being. For this life is this body. The chance is here and now. It’s your chance to feel the joy from finding your own way and your own style.

So go for it, experiment, try new things and let me know in the comments what you find out.

Let us rejoice in our bodies!