Tantric Massage: what’s the difference between men and women?

People often ask me how they can pleasure their partner at home with Tantric massage. And they want to know the differences between massage for men and women.

Tantric massage for women is all about harmony and loving mutual touch. Almost every woman at least once in her life has dreamed what it would be like to be touched by another woman.

Tantric massage for women is actually a long ritual where I care for the particular needs of a woman. The whole massage is in the spirit of relaxation, discovering and deepening the as yet unrecognised sexual energy. Usually this type of stimulation is very emotional for women because their mind and body are more sensitive to everything new that pertains to them

Any man who wants to please his beloved partner with Tantric massage should be especially receptive to her needs and feelings. Provide that loving, harmonious touch and she’ll love you for it.

With the massage for men, however, I will focus on the sexual element from the beginning. Throughout the session I will draw from his powerful sexual energy, changing between gentle and intense touches of his body.

I’m trying to teach men to breath correctly and to perhaps delay the climax so that they enjoy the moment as long as possible.

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