It’s a simple question: Why Tantra?

by Charlotta September 09 | 2015

It’s a simple question: Why Tantra?

People often ask me why I’m a Tantric therapist. How does it enrich my life? Do I feel I give more energy than I get from clients? And how long will I do it for?

As I’ve already written in my blog, I’m a person who expresses myself through touch, rather than verbally. For me, touch carries more emotion. And a touch doesn’t lie (as every sensitive person would know).

My Tantric work gives me the opportunity to meet interesting people from many disciplines and walks of life. And each of these people enriches me in some way, contributing to the mosaic of my life. Rarely do I feel emptiness after work. And, conversely, I mentally enrich every client I meet. And for that I’m very happy.

Often couples come to me. Some are just curious, but mostly they’re two people who want to revive and improve their intimate life. This is a great honor for me; that they have confidence in me and that together we can find new ways to help them enhance their shared experiences. It’s in those moments when I see meaning in my work, which charges me with energy and gives me strength and conviction.

I do not know how long I’ll work as a Tantric therapist. But I know that as long as I can help, as long as my clients keep coming back, I'll still be here for them – ready to help, listen and perhaps show them the way.

Your Charlotta

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