A great pleasure

by Myriam August 02 | 2011

A great pleasure

It’s a pleasure to me to have the opportunity to give Tantric Sessions this month in the sacred temple.

For some time I have been exploring human development through the Tantra. This has led me to experience in my awakening of my consciousness at many levels. For this reason I choose to provide this experience to others.

We use ancient Tantric techniques to elevate us to a higher level of consciousness. With a deep respect for the God/Goddess within you.

We honor the sacredness of the masculine and the feminine values. The masculine's vertical presence and the feminine's openness to life make a sacred communion using the sexual energy for that. This is the energy of life.

Then you can use this energy expansion to nurture your everyday life with joy and love. The sacred massage contributes to an expansion of the person and goes beyond the physical limits.

The five elements: earth, fire, air, water and ether stay present in the session to remind us the sacredness of this ancient practice.

I am avaible and open to any questions or comments you might have.
Hope we can share our energies in the name of Tantra.

Om shanti,shanti,shanti.