There are two Charlottas in your life

by Charlotta October 31 | 2016

There are two Charlottas in your life

Greetings, my loyal readers,
I hope you didn’t forget me as it has been so long since my last post :)

A whole year has gone by and it’s fall again. Now I have more time to devote to this blog, and your wonderful questions.

I’ve read the following question a number of times in the community chats: “Charlotta, why do your massage videos draw the line at a hand massage, and not go any further than this?” Let me try to explain…

Clients who come to me as a therapist (either out of curiosity, or for some help) know that tantric massage is mainly about understanding his/her own body. Every therapist works differently, has their own unique style, but I think most important is that the client can trust the therapist in every way.

The Charlotta that comes to the Temple is a Tantric therapist who’s very sensitive and receptive to your needs. While the Charlotta working as a Hegre model is enjoying the pleasure and passion between two people. And while trying to make beautiful erotic art on another level, sometimes additional lines are crossed.

I hope that helps to explain. Enjoy the autumn evenings with your sweetheart, or while watching my videos ;-)

And don't forget, you can always come and meet me for a tantric massage to remember. Please make a reservation at our Temple today.

Your Charlotta