Seasons greetings to all my loyal readers

by Charlotta December 13 | 2016

Seasons greetings to all my loyal readers

So we’ve entered December, a month which we probably all love due to the Christmas holidays.

This is the time we all meet at the table, while children enjoy their gifts. We all slow down a little and enjoy the festive atmosphere, which most of us have loved since childhood.

We all have experiences and memories that are associated with the Christmas holidays. These memories are often held in our minds from childhood and kept until adulthood.

For me, it is the smell of Christmas. To me, everything smells like a mix of Christmas cookies, Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas tree (which in our family was never plastic).

While getting organised for the holiday season, I passed through the city today. Everywhere was prepared for Christmas. The main street had pop-up stalls where you could buy everything imaginable, whether for yourself or to bring joy to someone close to you.

There were lots of lights, decorations, and colourful shop windows. And the radio was playing Christmas songs one after another. So you could feel the festive mood in the air.

I’m excited about it. But I’m starting to feel slightly nervous that I’m not totally organised. Especially with the gifts. But it’s okay. I’m just enjoying the atmosphere as much as possible and not getting stressed.

And you should try to do that as well.

Before these festive days are over, try to find a little calm and peace. Go to the markets, or just enjoy the time with someone who makes you feel good. Or stay at home, curled up with a nice Christmas movie and a hot chocolate – just like I’m doing tonight.

Finally, I want to wish you great success and good health for the new year. Thank you very much for the support you’ve given me throughout the year – whether that was as a guest on Tantra massages, or talking to me on Livechat.

I hope you have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas holiday and a happy new year.

Your Charlotta