Spring and Fabi invite you trough Tantra

Greetings to you all!
At last it is Springtime. To celebrate I would like to give you a personal invitation to visit me.

This is the time when everything is beginning to come to life again and to flower. Winter can be a time when we hibernate within ourselves. Now that is over. It would be marvellous for you to discover Tantra now. It is the way that I found a path to flowering. I was reborn and I built a new me just the same as the natural world does in Spring. It is continually a new way of thinking. It is a way to discover a purer state of being me!
Let me explain a little about Tantra.
Tantra is different from other spiritual philosophies. In Tantra we do not see the body as an obstacle. On the contrary, it is a way to knowledge. Every human being is the owner of a living, individual consciousness. That is why, here at Hegre.com, I work with personalized therapies. You deserve individual attention, respect and recognition.
In the Western world, we are taught to rationalize our way of living. We are urged to make judgments about what is wrong or right, and to fight against what is wrong because of our preconceptions. Tantra by contrast teaches us a way to accept everything that happens. We can flow without stress.
Tantra expands our consciousness. It is an attitude to life. Sex is part of life of course and it is not about beliefs, prescribed behaviour or rules. In Tantra there is no one right way to feel or do things. There is no manual or script that you have to live by.
Tantra says "Yes" to everything that is. Everything is sacred, so say “Welcome" to all your thoughts and feelings. This will be your own Spring! It means loving all parts of yourself and learning from them. You need not judge yourself less than or worse than any other person or thing. You can learn who you are. Don't fight with life. If you do, you are blocking your internal desires and making your life a hell through such conflict. What do you really want to do? Do it! If you want to dance, I will help you dance. Do you want to love? Open your heart and listen to love! Of course, that is easy to say. But the good news is that Tantra can help you like it helped me. I discovered that I can respect me by doing what I feel. It taught me how to create openness…just like this Spring :)
Searching deeper within yourself is what brings you joy, love and self-respect. When you discover these, you can focus on them. You can create the way to practice the pleasure that is your very own!
Welcome to Spring. I’m inviting you to come to visit me and discover how you can create a rebirth in your life! It works for me so well that this Spring I want to share this ancient knowledge with you!

Come and meet me in person. Follow this link: http://www.hegre.com/tantra/reservations

Fabi Jaya

• Tantric Therapist and Counsellor
• Certified Massage Therapist
• Sexual healer
• Tantra training in this ancient Indian philosophy for couples and individuals

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