A big “Hello” to all of you amazing lovers!

This week I’d like to pass on some tips about how massage can make amazing foreplay! I’ll be telling you how you a sensual massage can give your lover a wonderful surprise after a tiring day.

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First you need to create the right setting. Prepare a room with love using candles, incense and relaxing music of your choice. Ensure that the warm oil you will be using is pure and natural oil for contact with erogenous zones.

Invite the one you love into the room you have made special. You could begin by undressing yourself or each other. This can be done at any time during foreplay. Undressing might be included early when creating the atmosphere or later when massaging and connecting. Whenever you undress, remember that you are symbolically disrobing your partner’s defences and exposing the soul.

Help you partner to lie down and you can begin the massage.

In general, the best way to give a sensual and arousing massage is to rub or stroke the body in the direction of the genitals. When energizing or licking your lover pay particular attention to the curve of the back especially on a woman. Stimulating this region can by itself arouse her erogenous zones and lubricate the yoni. Sensual massage is not meant to have the same effects on the body as a deep body massage. Instead it focuses on creating trust and connection. It is to stimulate sexual anticipation between lovers.

Make a point of being aware of any subtle shifts that take place in either you or your partner. Be sure to encourage feedback. As well as using your hands, stroke with your forearms as well. To add playfulness and stimulation, try using blindfolds. Go beyond using only hands and forearms. Your breasts, hair and genitals plus provocative dialogue are all ideal for this purpose.

The longer and more subtle the stroke, the more erotic and stimulating the sensation becomes. Deeper, shorter strokes tend to sedate and calm. Take your time and alternate between the active and passive roles.

It is best to arouse the whole body before reaching for the genitals. After building arousal by stimulating the main erogenous zones, use the less excitable parts of the body to relax your partner again.

Above all, remember the main rule: “Have fun!”

I love to work with couples. They can actually make me cry. They reach my heart directly. It is such a pleasure, and so beautiful, to see their love expand and grow. Thank you to all the couples and all the lovers of the world. I have a special “Thank you” for those couples who come to me to learn about Tantra in my Temple. They teach me every day that we can change our relationships. We can make them so much better. Human beings want to love and be loved! Tantra is an amazing way to do that and there is always so much more to discover. I have more to say about this on my webpage for couples.