I think, therefore I orgasm.

by Fabi June 04 | 2012

I think, therefore I orgasm.

I feel that there are so many misconceptions about orgasms and their different types that it would be a good idea to discuss them. We can do this here in my blog.

The kind of thing that I have in mind is sharing tips and ideas about energetic orgasms and how to amplify sensations. We can look at ways to increase excitement or to slow it down to prolong enjoyment with deep, conscious, rhythmic breathing.

These are just a few ideas for starters. Let me know your thoughts and questions, your personal tips. They will be very welcome. I could learn something too. It’s my favourite theme for chat. It will enhance my own sexuality and so bring about more pleasure in every aspect of life.

Don't be shy. Have you a tip for ejaculation control that you can share, or a secret about how to understand a woman? How do you breathe when you are having an orgasm - have you noticed? I would love to know.

Love is God

With tender hugs
Fabi Jaya