Blessings to everyone

by Fabi May 10 | 2012

Blessings to everyone

It’s Fabi here. First of all I want to thank every one of you for your comments on my videos and for what you have posted on my Facebook page. I am very proud of what you say and I am so glad that you like what I have done. I have an especially big “Thank you and welcome” to those of you who will be coming to my Temple near Barcelona.

There was so much positive energy and such lovely intimacy in what you had to say. I will never forget it.

I have plenty of big surprises coming up. The team and myself have been working on the new Tantra web site. You are going to love it! I’ve got all kinds of things to tell you about new Tantra massages, different ways of sensual touching and lots of spicy extras. Just for now it’s all a secret but soon you will see everything. Keep checking back.

I'm so excited with all of this. All kinds of ideas keep bubbling up all the time. I’m longing to get going. I want to join my energy with yours to awaken your sexual energy and life. I love life here in my Temple. I just want to spend all my time here in its peace. The scents and perfumes are so delightful as well. It will be such a pleasure to share knowledge, pleasure and bliss with as many of you as possible. I'm here waiting for you!

Love is my God

Fabi Jaya