It is best to dedicate a whole day to your Tantra experience. So choose a day when you are free, you don't need to work or run errands and you can devote your entire self to the experience. And please talk to your therapist before the massage session, if there is any particular information you want to share about yourself or about any medical conditions.

It is recommended that you retain from ejaculation and sexual intercourse for 24 hours before and after the session, so you will not arrive to the session with depleted energy. We also recommend that you eat only light food before and after your session and drink sufficient but not too much liquid. Refraining from using strong perfumes, after shaves or scented body lotions is also advised as these can get in the way of relaxing into the experience for both yourself and your therapist.

After your session has finished it is important to just relax and observe the new sensations in your body and mind, to let all the sensations you have experienced wash over you.