Massage Tantra Tropical

January 16, 2018
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Au milieu des palmiers et des huttes mystiques, notre jolie mannequin marche dans le cadre. Debout dans la baignoire, elle respire et s'étire. Elle se prépare à la renaissance.

Lorsque le masseur la mène à la table, vous pouvez sentir qu'elle se laisse aller. Ses tensions s'envolent et ses muscles se détendent. Alors qu'il l'étreint, appuie sur ses chakras, et applique de l'huile chaude sur sa peau douce, elle fond dans l'air humide.

Son corps est parfait, et il en prend soin comme d'un temple. Il fait usage de ses doigts et de sa bouche, il tête et sonde son yoni en quête de ses énergies vitales. Les trouvant, il l'excite, et elle met les voiles vers des sensations orgasmiques profondes et secrètes comme jamais auparavant.

Elle renaît, revitalisée, réénergisée. Tout comme vous pouvez l'être. Laissez le pouvoir sensuel du tantra vous y mener. C'est une conversion qui doit être désirée dévotement.

  • Durée d'exécution : 45:13 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Great Video !! Ariel is one amazingly beautiful woman !! If only she would return the favor and perform oral sex on Alex to completion. Maybe some 69 action too. That would be a block buster video !! I am dying to see this. I am sure others are anxiously waiting too. What are the chances ? I am sure this film would give a tremendous boost in membership !!
Come on
Let's be real here. We aren't here to see "art". We are hear to see gorgeous women like her actually getting off. Give us what we want.
He is a god...
The way his acroposthion dangles and the way he pleasures is transfixing. I'm not usually a fan of beards, but every part of him is delicious. There needs to be a video of him getting eaten from behind too.
Slowly she does more with Alex and this doggie style allowing him to eat her and finger her at will is awesome! She will do more and anal if Peter tries! Get Alex's dick near her face in a massage and I bet she sucks it!
Alex into denial?
Maybe Alex is some kind of sexual monk, never receiving, only giving pleasure. Does he go take a cold shower or sit in a bathtub with ice cubes after this?
Tropical Tantra Massage
Great but a bit old now. Really need some full on shagging
She never even moans, much less, makes sounds when (and if) she actually did cum? Get women on here, who are vocal, legs shaking, etc. smh.
Wonderful example of Tantric Loving!
This is a wonderful example of a loving tantric massage experience where the feminine is being honored by the masculine! I love the comfort Ariel shows as she totally surrenders to Alex's tender care for her. I know that as a man when I give tantric massage to my female partner unselfishly as he is doing I find that I am as blessed by the experience as my partner is. The energy flows both ways. Keep up the sensitive depictions of loving in an almost spiritual way! Loveartist
RE: Wonderful example of Tantric Loving!
Really need some full on Shagging!
"Masseuse" is for female, a woman. "Masseur" is for male. Alex is definitely male...
If it was all a dream, as we were led to believe, then why didn't she dream about being fucked?
Let Ariel masturbate
Love Ariel as a blonde! When she is on her knees showing off that perfect pussy and anus, why isn't Alex dipping his tongue in and playing with her beautiful asshole. Alex has tied unsuccessfully to get Ariel off in several massage videos using a Hitachi, oral and manual stimulation. In each video, as Ariel gets close to orgasm, she reaches for her clit to masturbate. Alex always has his hand in the way. He should finger her pussy and anus and let her get herself off. There is nothing hotter than a woman masturbating to orgasm. She always knows what works best for her own pleasure.
Ariel’s ass being licked from behind was incredible. Alex gave up way too early on that position. Ariel wanted him to go to town. Lets see what mike can do with that amazing pussy.
Never seen a girl this pretty openly want a guy to eat her pussy and finger fuck her so much as Ariel. She has no limits. His fingers are dripping with her wet pussy juice and she even lifts up her pussy to his mouth and cums again.
More massages like this!
Beautiful couple. Would like to see more ass play and a fuller orgasm, but overall this was gorgeous. Keep up the great work.
Orgasms in silence
Ariel's films always leave you wondering if she really does have Os or simply enjoys the moments and how Alex could only be a bit on the firm side v erect after nearly 40 min ...the idea seems quit good but executed lack real sexual passion expression , erection , lets hear the sex see the peek
Miss use of the word Chakras
not sure who writes the captions for the films but they do not understand the real meaning of the word Chakras and how they interact with the subtle body. To imply that Chakras are the bodies sexual centers is very wrong
so enough its time to bring back charlotta already.
Very good, very erotic to see this done outside in the sun. She has an amazing and beautiful body. As in my previous comments in a Alex on girl massage, please let Alex get in the receiving end of a massage like this. What about Ariel and Alex in a dual massage, let them make love to each other, how erotic that would be ? Think about it. In a previous "massage session" Alex and Serena were actually making love to each other. That was the MOST EROTIC scene I've ever seen. It sure beats any porno that I've watched. Please let Alex be on the receiving end as well the girl. Please do this for me !!!!!!
could do more...
Be natural - and give her true love
I agree with the "yes" comment - Ariel's perfect asshole is beautifully displayed and is just begging fo come licking and tongue action - so why not?? If the operative finds it repugnant, please give me a call. BTW - I don't care for the blonde hair - she is much more sexy with it natural
Lent et hypnotisant
J'aime les intervenants, le cadre, ce qui se passe.... mais je ne suis pas sûr de préférer Ariel en blonde. En tout cas, c'est fort bien filmé.
This video would have been far more erotic if it featured heterosexual models.
Great Wow
Really it was amazing duo...perfect well done for all...
Beautiful. Alex's tongue on her was great. Glad you're showing more of that. Keep it up.
Should do more of these
Superb. The slower pace is extremely erotic. What a treat for us Ariel fans. More, please.
Emotion Free Zone
Great idea but wrong participants. Ariel and Alex are very similar - very restrained and almost completely undemonstrative.
All I have to say is, if you're going blonde then get rid of the dark roots.
I knew she would get on her knees and stick her ass and pussy up and let him eat her and finger her. Why didn't he also lick and finger her ass hole? She will let him do it. She is so eager to shock us with her erotic poses.
some of her best
definitely some of the hottest sequences of having her pussy licked and fingered - even some creamy girl come at the end - looks better with long black hair though - lastly - 45 minutes without a hard cock ???
Wow !!!! Superbe et excitante Ariel !
Quel film érotique magnifique !!! A voir et revoir en boucle ! Ariel m'a excité du début à la fin. Merci Mr Hegre !