Massage Couple Giclée

November 21, 2017
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Alors que ce film débute, nos deux stars encercle la table, avec un regard de tentation. Il y a néanmoins un air de crainte dans leurs yeux. Pas une mauvaise peur, juste le sentiment que ce qui est sur le point d'arriver les changera pour toujours. Ils sont prêt pour ça, mais c'est énorme.

Des corps nus grimpent sur la table. Les mains sondent les parties génitales, les bouches saisissent les membres, les organes s'élancent et enflent. Chaque position est essayée. Il ne s'agit pas seulement de faire l'amour. Mais de s'aventurer dans l'amour. Ils vivent un périple afin de trouver l'explosion sensuelle ultime.

C'est alors que les giclées adviennent. Un écoulement libre de passion et puissance. Les corps frissonnent, les membres tremblent, les bouches happent. Leurs gémissement et respiration est une symphonie de luxure. Et ils explosent et explosent et explosent. Qui parmi vous est prêt à les rejoindre ?

  • Durée d'exécution : 33:18 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

My Willy
I sure as hell wished my willy got as much action as Alex's.
this video is just wonderful!! is there a video where he comes too?
RE: wonderful
He does.....around 24 min
good but....
He should have penetrated her
this is good love
I would to see Ariel doing the same thing, this time put a dick in her mouth.
I think the reason why Alex sometimes is inactive or detached is because the girls he is with are, although pretty, quite boring and passive. Look at his stuff with Charlotta, Serena or Flora, and you will see a big difference.
I agree with the comments about the "never horny never in situation" Alex.
Marika has a great body and gets very turned on which is a pleasure to see. Most guys would probably get erect rubbing oil on Marika's pussy and cute little ass but not Alex! He seems to only get hard when his cock is touched. Good cum shot though.
Very hot indeed. Good job she has the liquid to keep it from catching on fire.
Sensual video and nice orgasms from both
She has such a lovely body and was wonderful to see her cumming and looking like she was enjoying also was nice to see him cum like that it was great to have both sexes views
Marika is gorgeous
I agree with most of the comments about Alex. For the life of me I don't know how he can't be turned on by Marika sliding all over him. In my relationships, if the woman had done all that and I had still been limp, she would have been insulted. Oh well. But Marika is a sexual dynamo.
This is a good one
watching her squirt girl come out of her pussy is really hot, but giving him a nice hand job until he comes on himself and all over her hand was a great touch - more of this anytime
Twosome sort of
Alex always strikes me as a technician who is there to do a job. Very good at his job but very detached. Again in this film there seems to be no chemistry just doing a job.
Couple Squirt Massage
Me encanto este video, los partners se olfatean, se miran en forma desafiante, se miden como bestias en celo, para una vez vencida la desconfianza reciproca se trenzan en una batalla sexual a "muerte". Además, se nota la química entre Alex y Marika se comprueba en la muy buena erección que logra él, y su abundante eyaculación, todo lo contrario de lo que sucede cuando se topan Alex y Ariel escenario en el cual la pija de Alex no pasa del amorcillamiento, y no trasmiten deseo alguno. espero que haya más "rounds" entre esta pareja que llego para quedarse. Hats off para Peter, y por supuesto para ambos modelos.-
Moving back in the right direction
Two beautiful people but no emotional tie between them. The most sexual organ in the body is the mind. You have captured that spark in the past but appear to have abandoned the effort of capturing the essence human coupling. I have seen you do it so I know it’s possible. Please try.
Finally ( Agreed )
Hot Hot Hot. Don't know if just because of the hot body or movements. Bring it on :)
It's been too long since we had a video with some good action. Marika is gorgeous and hopefully she had enough fun to do more videos like this.
Marika is a star
Hot video - one of the best from Mr Hegre. Would love to see Marika take it to the next level.
Interesting, though Alex seems inert at times. Would love to see MARIKA paired with MIKE next time.