Ariel Double Stimulation Orgasme

September 12, 2017
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Elle reçoit un coup de... doigt de ses amis...

Partez pour un autre monde. Un monde lumineux, amoureux, et de sex toys coopératifs. Un monde dans lequel Ariel est là pour vous, à partager tout ce qu'elle a, à prendre son pied en vous scrutant du regard, comme si elle disait : “J'aimerais tellement que vous soyez là.”

Eh bien, vous pouvez être là, car ce film est intime à souhait. La première partie montre notre starlet qui déambule dans une salle de bains tamisée dans une tenue
adorable culotte/soutiengorge. Elle lave ses dents, se déshabille, se douche puis se love dans une serviette blanche sur le sol afin d'explorer son corps.

Mais elle en veut plus ! Alors dans la baignoire elle retrouve son grand ami noir et découvre des facettes inédites de son propre potentiel. Après cette entrée en matière, il est temps d'aller au lit, la guest list devient exhaustive. La magie opère vite et son ami noir sait s'y prendre. Ariel a le sens de la fête.

L'amour en pleine intimité, et Ariel sait ce qu'elle veut et l'obtient, avec le soutien de ses amis, bien sûr. Lorsqu'elle vient enfin grâce à ses deux partenaires sensuels, vous sentirez la chambre vibrer avec elle. Si vous rivez vos yeux dans les siens, vous voyagerez jusqu'à la lune.

  • Durée d'exécution : 27:48 Minutes
  • Format :
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Commentaires des Membres

Magnificent! Bravo!
The way she put her whole being on display for the world to see was just amazing. She is obviously one of the most beautiful women alive, and this went a long way toward illustrating how sexy she can be. Everything about this video was magnificent. Good job, everyone! I'm still hoping beyond hope that some day she will do a massage scene with Alex that has intercourse in it. You obviously have the skill to do one very tastfully, and I still have hope. Even so, this was wonderful and I'm really enjoying Ariel's work on this site. You are so good at this process that I might renew even without the occasional intercourse scene. After all, we still have the amazing ones with Serena and Alex which I still watch almost daily.
Hard Body
The first time I watched Ariel in a full film. Beyond beauty. Perfect. A perfect sexual being. Arousing herself. Arousing me.
agreeing with the consensus! long hair turns Ariel from cute to SMOKIN FUCKIN HAWT!!!! awesome video!
More of her Pussy with her putting toys to work. Love the rear ass view and so far explode right there. She is willing to share her real moves and body in any situatation. Great job.
Fantastic film. More of super hot girls playing with big black dildos please!
Oh yeah
The best video yet, bar none
Ariel - the beautiful mermaid
This was one of the best shoots I have seen with her. She was relaxed and it looks like she enjoyed doing the scene. I hope the working out with that big black dildo is an indication of what we will see in the future - a mutual enjoyment with Mike.
Nice but
She was more than perfect, but editing was lacking. Missed the part where she most likely used her fingers to stretch open her pussy for the dick and where it shows her white love juice start to flow. Also missed the orgasm at the end...if there? Also music was very distracting....let's hear her!
In The Tub
It is a good thing that she did not slip in the tub. :-) And, yes I would.
First hot and now hotter
the first dildo episode was hot and this one is hotter!!! Would like to see her working a dildo in her pussy while jerking off a guy.
Just lovely...
Such a subtle, quiet orgasm...barely discernible.
Long hair
Absolutely love her long hair.
Long hair or short hair on the head I don't mind but Peter but can we have more bushes please - everybody (except the lovely Charlotte) seems to shave
RE: Hair
Second that. More bush please.
Epic !
Peter this is your best work. Ariel you were simply star quality. I cannot find the words to describe this work. Love the beginning part where you can see Peter in the glass reflection. Like a ghost in a Hollywood movie, wonderful effect ! The closeups... tender... trembling... the release... OH WOW, OH WOW ! And then more and more. This way, that way, and again. The facial closeups were stunning and spoke volumes. BRAVO !
Ariel y su Dildo..
Es impresionante como la bella Ariel se traga tremenda pija artificial, espero que su hermosa concha no este perdiendo elasticidad con estas performances tan juagadas..Sueño conque algún día se coma la verga negra y gigantesca de Mike..
Long Hair
Absolutely love the long hair.
Excellent video. Nice work. But just one thing: lose the music. It doesn't add anything, and we'd MUCH rather hear Ariel moaning and panting. OK?
Brushing teeth could be done better
She isn't brushing with the correct method. You're supposed to brush away from the gum line, not in circles. Brushing teeth is in the tag list, so it is topical. If she was my friend, I would offer her a bottle of Neutrogena, the residue remover shampoo. I'd like to see how her hair would look with a little more body.
Is good to see Ariel again--now with nice long hair. I am hoping she grows hair on her vogina also.
Horrible music !!!! too much music!!! STOP THE MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Self reflections?
While it did take the third viewing for me to notice it, I was a bit surprised to see you reflection in the shower glass! A reflection of your desire to be inside the shower with her perhaps? While it seems like you must have one of the best jobs in the world, I imagine that the self restraint must be almost unbarable... (misspelling intended).
I'd love to offer her a little help !
Short or long hair Ariel is beautiful.
Beautiful scene. Beautiful girl. Love the long hair! The close ups with the wand on her clit are great. In the final minutes of the scene, the dildo completely blocks the view of her pussy. The scene cuts before she orgasms and then returns when the climax is over - really disappointing. I would like to see Ariel's orgasm contractions up close without the big black friend blocking the view.
RE: Orgasm
Totally agree here.
Stunning lady
This video was so hot. It was if you were alone with her and it was you who was fucking her. This is so much better than the gynecological photo shoots, so much more natural.
Cannot describe
Words cannot describe how hot and beautiful she is. This is the ultimate girl doing the intimate pleasure and for us to see! Please continue with this girl....don't let her go!
Love the long hair, hard job
Such a change from the short hair, so more femine with the long I like. Peter you have such a HARD job, ( Punn intended ) Can't image having to awake and go to work to photo and video women like Ariel and then GET PAID FOR IT !!! LOL...... Well done :)
RE: Love the long hair, hard job
I love long hair too. Only Emily and Milena have kept their long hair. What is it with Ukrainian girls that they have to chop their hair off to pose for Petter? I think you can see Petter in the shower shots.
Agree. Short hair is hotter.... but Ariel is always beautiful.
Ariel is without doubt the most gorgeous model on earth. Absolutely magnificent.
Ariel Double Stimulation Orgasm
Thank you...... You are so beautiful Peter
Short hair is more beautiful