Alex et Flora Passe coulisse

April 15, 2014
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Brûlez-vous les doigts

La vapeur va jaillir de vos oreilles.

Ce court film va monter le thermostat. Lors de cette séquence en exclusivité dans les coulisses vous pourrez voir comment nous avons filmé une de nos séances les plus chaudes. Flora est au mieux de sa torride forme !

Il y a quelques chose de si particulier chez Flora. C'est ce regard qu'elle vous lance. Vous savez de quoi on parle, cette lueur machiavélique dans ses yeux qui dit qu'elle vous veut, et elle vous veut maintenant.

Flora ouvre sa bouche ; vous voulez voir ce qu'elle en fait ? N'attendez plus, plaisir garanti.

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Commentaires des Membres

She's hot!
God damn...
His penis is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Revisiting Flora & Alex shows again what a powerfully sexual woman Flora is!! But she's also compelingly playful!!! When she uses her mouth of Alex's penis, it's sometimes passionate, sometimes playful, but always intriguing!!!!
Poor ol' Alex
There 's Flora, sucking and touching so much she finally got Alex erect (turned on) enough by the end of the shoot that he didn't want to walk off in front of the camera. She just prances off and leaves Alex who apparently has the blue balls, oh well, that's the erotic art business for you. I mean she really isn't going to fuck him right there unless Hegre -art is paying, right?
I'm gay but Flora just completely got me off. I loved the way she straddled him and rubbed her clit all over his cock. I really, really wanted to fuck her while watching that. Damn. No woman has ever gotten that reaction out she of me. Maybe I'm a little more bi than I thought...
Love Flora
Flora would be the best fuck IMHO:)
Soooo goooood
Flora is wonderful
I can only imagine how that would feel to have Flora suckle my penis. She certainly enjoys it, doesn't she? How does Alex not orgasm? What a cutie. Her bare feet are beautiful too. I'd love to see a good foot job video with her.
Alex is a very lucky guy. He must be getting it on a regular basis because it sure takes a lot to get him hard. Flora got a great tight bod a lovely face and has a great personality. I sure would love to spend some time with her!
She can't wait to get it in her mouth. When will we see her get fucked.
super sensual
This was such a wonderful and sensual scene! I love the expression Flora's face while he was eating her peachy! Bet she wanted that he didn't stop :) Can't image how like on fire both must have been after that shooting :D
Of course he wants to penetrate her. He is so horny!
Just have to fantasize I guess.
At the 11:18 point, after Petter told Flora to stand up and he said "oh Yes", I prayed he would have then said "now sit down and slide his cock all the way in"
As usual, Flora makes love to a man's penis in such a way as to make him feel like a Greek God - WOW, but she's powerfully sensual and sexy!!!
Que lección!
Feelings, emotion, two people who really love each other, it is something hard to capture on still shots
The most intense feelings between a man and woman and what makes this site so much different from the porn sites is that you try to capture all the beauty and feelings between two people, can you use your expert skills to show us those emotions between two people so we can experience that feeling of intense love between two people be they the same or opposite sex couples? It is what great actors do on the set when they get so into it we feel what they are feeling even though it is being acted out. Again Thank You for all you do Peter your site is a big improvement on the porn sites where it is all about the cum shot not the peoples emotions involved.
More Alex Please
He's so Beautiful & Sexy
Alex and Flora Backstage Pass
Petter Hegre is a genius; and Alex and Flora are thoughtful and fun professionals.
RE: Alex and Flora Backstage Pass
That man has a lot of control
That man has a lot of control, most men would have had to penetrate her..
Last step is missing
Fucking hot! What about the last little step?
Flora and Alex
Wonderfull film with a very erotic atmosphere. I hope for a part 2 and dear Petter, let them find a way to each other :-) It´s about time :-) Alex is never allowed to cum with Flora. This could be a start, maybe with an oral massage :-) looking to the future and enlarged my membership :-)
Alex and Flora
Great film and behind the scene action. But its time Petter to let Flora and Alex have their way with each other! You've teased us long enough.
In many cases looking behind the scenes footage destroys some good portion of the magic, but not here. This is different and perfectly underlines this special atmosphere you deliver with your shoots and films. Thanks for taking the risk. It's great to see more of Petter doing his outstanding work and all three of you finding a great balance between being professional and having fun. I don't think many photographers succeed to work this way. Flora's presence is extremely special, every time. Flora is... well, Flora. Her name stands for so many things. She's amazing. And with this film, it's really cool to have more proof of what i always expected from her. Her involvement into the process, her amount of control and of course how she enjoy's all this make a huge difference. Great peak behind the scenes and a nice lesson too. Thank you very much.
Congratulations to performer Alex
How can Alex keep calm while Flora is working him so tenderly ? He must have incredible strength of character !
“You know what? ... I’m happy.” (Tribute to Tex Avery)
This is an interesting documentary on the good way of organizing this kind of photo shoot. Of course, with the (stage) presence and the style of Flora, things are always easier and better. Moreover, we can see that she tries to understand and control what she is doing; she is a perfectionist: perfection suits perfection. As far as Alex – or “Nikola”, or whatever – is concerned, the Maestro has trained him well: not only he is at Petter’s beck and call but he seems more natural than before, especially when he wags.
Flora & Alex
Flora and Alex do show all in their videos. From innocence at the start it is turning hotter each time. Like to see how this progresses.
great lesson
As amazing as the video is - I really appreciated watching Petter work with the models. Let's see more of those videos as well.
Great film. As you say quite short. Feels like there should be a part 2