Massage Rituel Tantra

March 14, 2017
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Venez profiter d'une journée d'amour et de lumière.

Dans l'Est il y a une pratique spirituelle qui s'appelle le Tantra. C'est le secret ancien du plaisir sexuel atteint au travers de rituels qui vous permettent d'atteindre un autre niveau d'extase. Et l'un des éléments centraux du Tantra c'est le lieu sacré.

Ce film vous montre cela. C'est comme marcher dans un rêve de plaisir, vous voyez des statues, des bougies et une belle jeune femme nue sur une chaise. Bientôt, la prêtresse arrive, et elle est tout aussi excitante. Lentement, elle abreuve la jeune femme de jouissance en passant par chacun de ses chakras, provoquant des spasmes de frissons et de félicité.

Lent, profond et divin. Le sexe devrait toujours être comme ça. Entrez dans le temple du délice et laissez votre esprit s'envoler avec Ariel.

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Commentaires des Membres

I wish that we could have seen more of Charlota's oral techniques - we men could learn a great deal about how to orally please a woman if we could see more of what it is that sends Ariel through the roof!!! This would have been a terrific film with more explicit action - learning was there to be had!!!
Expand Ariel's participation
Ariel is a marvelous young woman. Her Big Black Toy vid was an occasion where she was in control, unlike her other films. If this situation with Charlotta were expanded where both are active participants allowing Ariel to return the sensuality to Charlotta it would be a wonderful progression. A full-length video of Ariel and Charlotta exploring each other would be just perfect; with each lifting the other to new levels of pleasure.
Little Caprice + Ariel
= meltdown
I love ariels organic breathing as she reaches her orgasm. I love charlottes combo of pussy fingering and ass hole stroking, I love the side angel. I'd love my husband to watch me cum by a beautiful masseur . I appreciate the realness. Gosh she came like five times!
What a great video. I'd love to get that chair. Anyone know where I can buy one?
Amazing! Anyone know where I can buy the chair?
Ariel vs Charlotta
I don't know who I would rather be , Charlotta or Ariel. I am a "giver" like Charlotta, and I would have so much fun with Ariel . And conversely, to be under the hands of Charlotta, I would levitate. My wife has also fallen for Ariel. More, please, sir?
ariel is a deeply sensitive climaxer
explosive mixture
Not my favorite's one, i like more B/G's videos, but the presence of Charlotta makes this video very very very exciting. The scene of dark-side's fingering (euphemism :D ) is excellent. More and more. Thanks Petter.
Thumbs up to Ariel!
I have never seen a thumb put to such good use as in this video!
Awesome Ariel
This was an outstanding effort for both women. The chemistry is evident from the beginning. Ariel looks so innocent and vulnerable; but is definitely not. Charlotta is at her best here. She has such power when working with other women, giving or receiving; yet there is so little when she is with men. Keep her with the women and find someone else to be with the men. My only complaint is the editing, changing cameras so frequently is very distracting and makes it really difficult to maintain continuity with the scene. The only thing which would have made it even better is if Ariel had reached out and caressed Charlotta; with her hands or mouth when Charlotta was leaning over her. overall a great shoot.
Preuve que Charlotta est la meilleur
encore une fois ,elle est très généreuse, offre sa bouche a Ariel , un cunnilingus du tonnerre. Bravo. J'aimerais aussi voir Ariel ètre plus audacieuse et donner a son tour , de bon coups de langue ,anal et cuni.
Charlotta and Ariel
Sensual and Arousing....You leave me speechless! Charlotta, Never go away!
Well, that seriously made my day! I tried to watch yesterday, and got an error! ONE OF YOUR BEST!!! Especially those little spanks on Ariel's springy backside! would LOVE to see this site go deeper into this kind of play!
Tantra Ritual Massage
Excellent photography and the girls clearly enjoyed every moment. Some would say that you can't have too much of a good thing but, if I have a criticism of this superb performance, it is that the video was about 10 minutes too long and ran out of erotic invention.
The Hegre site is the only place where you can see two of the most beautiful women in the world in an. Erotic intimate video. Fantastic video !! It would be interesting to include a man to make a threesome !! One can only hope !!
I agree with volga 2. A mutually engaged 3-some (FFM or MMF) intimately sensual massage could be more than interesting. Especially if done sensitively.
Extraordinary! Congratulations
Ariel and Charlotta
Two goddesses!! Is it Heaven?
Two beauties!
Ariel is beautiful and it is a pleasure to see her smile and orgasm throughout. But Charlotta. Charlotta is fantastic. She plays Ariel's body like a fine musical instrument and wrings those orgasms out of her like nothing else. Her play with lips and tongue to kiss, lick, and suck is supremely erotic and a move that I love to see applied. This was something more than tantra; more playful, more sexual, incredible.
I could not stop watching the two of them. So beautiful with all the sights and sounds.
The tenderness exhibited by these two women was superb!!! Charlotta as priestess and initiator was electric, exciting and a commanding performance. Charlotta licking and sucking the yoni creating sensual sounds while essentially doing a backward pull up for extended periods of time is not easy, hats off to her. I liked the ease and tension portrayed by Ariel with the red arc in the background. The highlight of the creative expression was Charlotta softly and gently probing Ariels' anus and spanking that ass!!! Magicians performing prodigious feats...Astounding.
A masterpiece. The way of spirituell enlightment. Charlotta and ariel are two beauties.
Carlotta is hot and is improving her skills .Ariel is good at receiving ,I wonder if she is as good in giving.
pant, pant
Tantra Ritual Massage
La paciencia y la pericia que le pone Charlotta a su tarea es asombrosa, sus dedos y su lengua trabajan a destajo, y no le dan tregua al placer de Ariel, quien brinda su cuerpo joven y avido de experimentar el goce mas pleno, libre y absoluto. Dos verdaderas estrellas del arte erótico.-
Ariel, I love you !! You are an awesome girl with a really hot body and a GREAT SMILE. Next time you have have another scene like this with water being poured over your body, ask the the people at Hegre to save the water for me. Put all of the water in a large container and send it to me. It will be my drinking water for days to come. You are awesome !!!!
Two lovely Women (au naturel) engage themselves in the tantric arts. (March 14th, 2017)
OMG did Carlotta bite Ariel's butt cheeks?
The way Ariel's butt bounced erotic.
I loved the licking scenes... so incredibly sensuous and sexual... and arousing!!! Ariel showed some really cute smiles early on and that was a treat, too!
Charlotta does a marvellous job and Ariel enjoys so that you can feel it
Very nice
Another great video with Ariel. And let us not ignore our resident erotic tantra priestess. Very hot! Now if we could only get a hard cock into either of those gorgeous bodies we would be in heaven.
she is so beautiful, i hope 1 day to see her smile,its possibly radiantly blinding
RE: Ariel
You haven't seen this movie!? She have an amazing smile!
Next Star
Ariel is gonig to be the next Tantra / Massage STAR! She is full of life, Power and sexiness!
Ariel is rapidly becoming one of my favorites.