Massage Erotique Vibrant

April 11, 2017
17 Commentaires

Une master class sur l'orgasme spirituel...

Toute personne ayant un intérêt certain dans les arts sensuels sait que les femmes sont sexuellement plus en avance sur les hommes. Leurs désirs sont plus complexes, elles ont une capacité plus grande pour l'extase, et ce sont les femmes qui en général insistent pour prolonger les ébats sexuels en rituels d'union joyeux.

Tout ce qu'un homme peut faire c'est dire "Oui." S'il sait apprendre à s'abandonner à ses passions, l'univers sera sien. Elle lui montrera tous ses mystères, et rien n'arrêtera deux de ne faire qu'un. Dans une capitulation ultime, homme et femme s'uniront et atteindront le pic du ravissement spirituel.

Parmi les mannequins de, aucune n'est mieux préparée qu'Ariel afin d'initier nos membres à ce périple sacré. Elle est l'image de la beauté féminine en soi. Si douce, si tendre, si pure. Venez vous joindre à elle alors qu'elle est en pleine communion. Une merveille à ne pas perdre de vue.

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Commentaires des Membres

How can that man not be hard as stone? A woman that beautiful who would allow me to give her an orgasm would make extremely turned on. usy saying...
Ariel to Alex
Hello, Ariel is really a really great woman. Alex is always very empathetic to her. I think we should be able to watch all of them once Ariel takes care of Alex. Greetings Ralf
the move on her neck
classic awesome - his left hand on her neck while caressing her vulva... excellent
true professional
wow - learning so much just watching the early massage. this guy is a pro.
Vibrating Erotic Massage
La concha de Ariel se pone roja y totalmente empapada cuándo el muchacho le pasa el Masajeador por la misma, yo me imagino el olor intenso a sexo femenino q debe haber en el estudio a causa de las feronómas q suelta Ariel a causa de su tremenda excitación. Un video extremadamente caliente y real..
Great Video
How does he keep from growing an erection - If it were me I'd be rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Robert L USA
I could watch that over and over! the guy squirting would make it much LESS watchable for me! nice to see the lady getting all the attention!
Red pussy
Her pussy really became very red with all that vibration and that hook toy was too much for her and really got her pussy messed up. Like the way she reacted and glad you showed her reaction. She is a real girl and the hottest one I've ever seen.
Wow wow
She is the ultimate sex machine! Love her look and every inch of her body which I've seen many times by now! Can NEVER get enough of her! She is a a huge hit!
A better hold
She should have grabbed his rod to hang on to at climactic moments.
So wonderful
Her personality is so wonderful it must make it so much fun and erotic to play with her,
No faking here!
I love how there in no faking the orgasm! its a breath of fresh air w soo many fake orgasms on the internet! She simply didnt hit. been married for 7 years and any married man knows she just cant hit sometimes!
Ariel, the girl next door
Ariel reminds me of the cute little girl who lived next door while you grew up. Suddenly you realize she is not a little girl any more and is quite a women. It appears her possibilities on Hegre are boundless. She was great here and even Alex, whom I am not really fond of, did a great job by focusing entirely on Ariel. What would I like so see from Ariel going forward? I think another girl-on-girl with Charlotta but where both are givers and receivers of pleasure; a solo session with Ariel and her toys, the vibrator and her black friend where she works herself over the top; even Ariel as the massage giver, if she is trained in that area, for one of the men. The possibilities are just endless. She is just so cute and her clitoral area is positively exquisite.
Great video...
...but can we finally get this lady laid?
I think it's about time she will take his penis in her mouth and also let her be penetrated. This will be an absolute beautiful scene. PLEASE.
Vibrating Erotic Massage
Although there were sometimes too many shadows, the video was excellent and Ariel clearly enjoyed the experience throughout. I was rather hoping that there would be more intimate physical contacts between Ariel and Alex but perhaps that will happen next time.
RE: Vibrating Erotic Massage
Would love to see him inside her...