Ariel Massage de Boue Erotique

March 28, 2017
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Il n'y a aucun autre endroit comme le Spa Hegre pour un travail profond sur le corps qui redonne de l'élan à l'âme.

La lumière tamisée, la musique apaisante, et l'attente intense de sensations qui ravivent. Lorsqu'Ariel entre, c'est comme un ange pénétrant le paradis, et vous avez la chance de visionner l'ensemble.

Le traitement ultime débute avec de la boue. Cela relaxe, désintoxique et excite. La peau est alors enveloppée afin de conserver les substances nutritives. Ensuite, après un nettoyage, le corps entier est gommé avec de l'huile. Chaque muscle se relâche, et l'esprit est prêt à s'envoler.

Et c'est alors que la stimulation profonde débute. Avec des mains compétentes, la masseuse travaille sur les centres sexuels d'Ariel jusqu'à ce que l'extase la fasse chavirer. Son corps entier fond dans l'espace, elle se sent en vie comme jamais avant. Nous également.

  • Durée d'exécution : 42:50 Minutes
  • Format :
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Commentaires des Membres

Ariel is stunning... Unlike others, I like the clothed masseuse, it means Ariel is just there to enjoy herself.
angel and ...
I love Arias
Aria is so beautiful
Ariel EMM
A clothed masseuse? Big turn off....
Thank you...lovely exciting video...woukd she do 2 glass toys at once...?
Oh Ariel
Love how you take on all new experiences. Cannot wait for your next one. That face and body with the perfect skin tone is a sight I enjoy.
mud massage
i would one time like to be able to see a massage video from start to finish, no editing no nothing just an entire full length video no matter how long the time runs.
good rhytm
nice firm job
Erotic Mud Massage
One of your best Massage video. Loved it.
Name the masseuse
Why don't you name the masseuse in many of these videos? The performance of the masseuse is equally important to the overall video.
Ariel awesome, why I joined this site
Ariel is a great performer. She looks so sweet and innocent; but I doubt she is all that innocent based on her work here. This type of video is why I have been a Hegre member off and on for many years and I wish they did more of them and not worry about those wanting to see male/female sex all the time; although there have been some good ones of those as well. These videos are erotic and show how one woman can provide great pleasure to another; knowing what feels good. I agree with Wheeler's comment that it would have enhanced the video if we had seen the mud removed and the butt-toy removed but overall this was an outstanding effort. Thanks to the entire Hegre team.
I know she is not a fan of much ass play, but she pushed herself to let her put that 6 inch glass bead toy deep inside all the way. I think now we will get to know Ariel's ass as well as we know her pussy. What won't she do?
Well, as it was with Emily, I don't think I could EVER get "Ariel'd out"! I only wish we could have seen that toy come back out again!(and, of course, seen her wash that stuff off!)
Mmmm... A thoroughly delightful, erotic video. ARIEL IS RADIANT. (March 28th, 2017)