Ariel and Alex Sex On The Beach

May 15, 2018
See how the ultimate sex scene got shot…

The photos of Ariel and Alex having sex on the beach have been highly popular with our members. Now you can see how those amazing photos got shot.

This video takes you to the actual shoot and follows along as our models strike sexy pose after sexy pose. We see them talking with Petter, laughing with each other, struggling to stay balanced in the waves, and intertwining for some truly incredible coupling positions.

Using a technique that intersperses actual photos from the shoot, this video is not only super hot, it’s a great behind-the-scenes look at how we get things done here at Hegre. The intimacy you feel with the models as they embrace each other in front of the camera is worth the ticket price alone.

Ariel and Alex are getting busy in the sand and surf. Pull up a chair and join them!

  • Runtime: 8:27 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Definitely no sex on the beach there!
Was expecting more from this video. But it's great to see him laughing for once. He has such a cute smile! He should smile more often in the videos. Definitely a huge turn-on! The pics of them laughing are the best!
Nicely Done, beautiful models.
Very nicely done but like a lot of your video shoots you need a gimbal to stabilize your camera and make the footage smoother.
Ariel & Alex En la Playa *****
Una Hermos@/Lind@ vídeo 'Peli' : Dúo (no Pareja, ¿vale?) Guapo, cierta complicidad y hasta humor [algún mohín de disgusto de Ariel ; el mar es poco glamouroso, baby...!]. Y el Maestro Hegre Oficiando Entre Clásico y Moderno..., por que él Puede. ¡ Felicidades para Tod@s , Peter !
Ariel has the most perfect pussy - nice tight labia maxima. I can't understand why this site seems to focus on so many models with big hanging labia. Personally, I prefer the beauty of a trim pussy - and then opening the lips to the pleasure inside. Just expressing a preference...
Nick behind the scenes and hear Petters instructions and creamy ideas :)
An absolutely beautiful film !!!
2 friends?
… would love to see the "sex" part. Sorry, but looks more like friends playing.
RE: 2 friends?
Would you be able to handle Alex's thing? That's a solid no for me, dawg.
RE: 2 friends?
I agree that it was a let down there is no sex on the beach just a high quality photo shoot, which is great but it would be cool if we could see some 4k "action"
Beautiful models
Ariel is beautiful, one of my favorite models. Alex, hats off to your well-toned bod too.
Ariel and Alex have a bit of a cuddle on the beach?
Ariel Blonde
Wow Ariel is even more beautiful blonde!