Ariel Marika Melena Mira 4 Nude Beach Nymphs

February 6, 2018
Naked ultra beauty galore...

Sometimes a Hegre film comes around that literally changes the genre. This is such a film. Not one, two, or three perfect naked girls are featured, but four, and in a setting that will blow your mind. Tropical bliss, inhabited by the cutest, sexiest creatures you've ever seen.

There is such a joy to this film, it will have you smiling for days. Each girl - Ariel, Marika, Melena, and Mira - seems so happy to be there. Happy to be posing, oiling, touching, playing, and swimming in the surf. Join them, and you'll be happy too.

In a sense, this is what a Sports Illustrated shoot should be. These girls are better than super models - just as toned and gorgeous, but so much more sexual. In other words, so much more true to themselves. Naked is the way of freedom and love, and they are ready to share it. Brava!

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Members' Comments

A dream came true
Paradise is real! Thank you Petter for this beautiful movie!
Best film so far this year
This is great and may take a while to beat. Four beautiful naked women in a beautiful location. A good variety of poses and views including some nicely revealing ones. However, I also think that the section with the bikinis was unnecessary. They started nude which is great, they should have stayed that way.
Very Sexy Group!
Just Saying, if they need a personal oiler in the future, I can be available!
Why do so many clips show Petter. I'm not watching a movie about nude girls to look at a guy. Can't be that hard to keep the camera on the girls only?
I think that the sillier the girls got, the more fun they had - the more smiles we saw!!! I loved the running shots and the soles shots: watching the Ladies in motion was sexy and ogling their soles was delightful!
very nice !
Yeah The models are amazing and very nice positions!
Hold the Front Page
Ariel actually smiled for about 43 seconds of that film - there's a first for Hegre.
Search for Paradise
Four beautiful young naked women on a Thailand Beach. Must be Paradise. Melena stands out for me. I found myself watching her every move. Thanks Hegre, out standing models and beautiful filming.
The four girls are very sexy natural gorgeous ...have different kinds of Juice pusy ..
Lost Paradise
I just Had an image of myself back in a far away time sailing on a tall ship towards what I thought was an uninhabited islands and looking though my spyglass to see that scene on the beach..
Very lovely
The beauty of these girls and their willingness to share it is so lovely. Ariel is just out of this world beautiful and so calm, fun and can be innocent looking but confident in her skin. Would love one of just her playing on the beach sometime.
4 equally beautiful women
I almost hate to say this, but to choose 1 of these 4 would have to come down to personality, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and world view. There's not a bit of difference between their body parts. Nothing any one of them should envy of another.
Oh my...
They're all very pretty but Mira is tops in this set IMO - no dye, no injections, no tattoos etc. Just lovely. =)
10 meets Baywatch but a bit over acted
The slo mo like Baywatch and 10 running down the beach was a nice compare A to B to C but the actions was far too stage to accentuate the breast ok the girls are not that big who cares should have just let them run naturally ...some times Peter tries to do too much 4 girls + beach + running - slow mo = YES just do it
Nice elements caught with the four ladies. The oiling and bikini play, the slowmo jumping out of the water and the running. The rolling in the water with lots of laugh and last but not least the ladies doing the crab and the spreaded legs play. Very sexy! Very fun to see the girls having fun, especially Melena always on "smile"! Cool stuff, I will dream well tonight (probably longer).
beach bodies
Very good film, well done
Ninfas desnudas en la playa.-
Luego de ver a estar bellezas con sus frescas vaginas, y sus pechitos naturales me afirmo en mi convicción que Dios existe...
Nice video. For some reason, Melena's expression in still number 24 reminds me of the famous image of Sophia Loren checking out Jane Mansfield's cleavage. This is better, of course!
Been so long
Been missing on these multi's. I know it's hard to get schedules down but wow does it matter when they align :D
Very beautiful Girls and nice location
Nice movie!!
Four uninhibited beautiful models---awesome!! Though I'm not sure why they had to put their bikini's on.
oh wow!!
I just died and went to heaven...
Gorgeous and Serene
Loved the music and the motion and the poses. Sexy sexy shit.
4 nynfhs
Exellent work but not enough exithing, excuse me Petter.