The Art of Sexual Stimulation Massage

June 20, 2017

While humans have discovered most of the known planet and even walked on the moon, the human body itself still contains many mysteries. Due to our rush to reach climax and our sexual hang-ups as a species, we often lack the patience or skill to plumb the depths of our sensual being. But if you want to know what it looks like when we do plumb those depths, watch this film.

With the gentle and slow hands of a tantric shaman, Ariel’s masseuse works on her entire body. She sits in the stirrups bravely, and receives his worship. With hands and mouth and toys, he reaches deep into her sensual secrets. And out of her young frame burst forth spiritually transformative orgasms like you’ve never seen before.

This hour-long exploration leaves her sopping wet and shivering. Clearly she has been to bliss and back. With a smile on her upper lips and juices pouring from the lower ones, she settles back and basks in the marvellous glow. Join her, and experience the tantric journey for yourself.

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Members' Comments

Just watched again and noticed on his left arm. You can see Ariel's pussy juice dripping down his elbow. He ate her so good and fingered her so much her juice just flows out . Need a video of him fingering her ass and licking it. She will do it.
Love this Video!
What a great team! I love black on white images and what a wonderful massage table for oral love. I would love to se a repeat whit Ariel and mike with him being on the receiving end. Wonderful concept
Love This Video!
First I love the artistic image of black on white. What a great platform table for this massage. I would love to see these models again in same situation with him being on the receiving end of the massage.
Geiles Video
Lasst bitte mehr Mädchen auf diesem geilen Gynstuhl Platz nehmen. Es ist herrlich wenn der Lustschleim aus ihrer Spalte tropft.
There's an hour I'll never get back.
There is her again
There have been a lot post of this model lately, would be good to also have more from some other models.
Please let it be
With all due respect to those asking for mutual stimulation, i would politely suggest for them to join other sites which show more explicit male female interaction. Most people who join hegre do so to admire female beauty and that is what the content should reflect. Frankly I have absolutely no interest in seeing males being stimulated.
RE: Please let it be
THANK YOU!!! from Pakistan, no less! there is hope for the middle east, after all!
RE: Please let it be
It's not true. There are plenty women here as well and we want to see the beauty of male body too. I know Peter is a photographer of women originally but hegre does such a great job of showing men and their beautiful bodies , their respectful nature, and power in being receptive. Please hegre do not stop and give us more of this. Theres nothing like this out there or maybe there is but very little, ans there is a huge need for this. Thank you sooo much, thank you for your work.
Yes I think she did cum at the end with the wand but not with Mike. My guess based on seeing her cum in other movies. Still hot
That was erotically exciting... I hope somewhere along the line after the video stopped Mike was able to get some relief... incredible turn on to deliver that to Ariel...
Too good.
Ariel is the epitome of perfection. Perfect skin, perfect breasts, perfect pussy, perfect smile. She's a goddess. I love the creamy cum at the end. If I could spend one night with her, I'd die a very happy man. How Mike didn't get an erection I'll never know
I was hoping that at some point her hand would reach out, like some of the other girls, and start lazily playing with his cock.
The Art of sexual...
Impresionante el nivel de placer del q disfruta Ariel, termina con su concha enrojecida y con un liquido blanco goteando de la misma q se parace mucho a una eyaculación masculina...
Agree Komet -this was actually a bit boring after a while
Very nice video
This was a very nice video and quite exciting to watch and get wet and excited with her, thank you for letting us watch her excitement build...loved the ending orgasm and seeing her wetness
Love Ariel and Mike
Thank heavens Mike is still with us. This was wonderful. Ariel allowed herself to be submissive, which was the entire point of the video; and I give her credit when it would have been so easy for her to respond to him. Would I enjoy seeing them where both are involved, damn straight. Maybe that is what Hegre is working her up, assuming she is willing; to but for now this is fine. I give Hegre credit for allowing us to see those beautiful white secretions from her; because I have been critical of them in the past for editing out the 'real' stuff going on. Look forward to her next encounter and if it is a guy, Mike is my choice; if a women I would love to see her with Serena.
Mutual needs
It's been a long time since we have seen mutual stimulation. The give and take. Ariel clearly knows how to beautiful receive but her body looks so capable of simultaneously giving. It seems a waste to not let it satisfy her partner.
Love it
She is so beautiful and willing to show her pleasure. Would love to see her give as well as receive pleasure in the future. They look great together. Couldn't stop watching (made me very late for work today)
New chair
That looks like a promising investment ;)
Great video !! Ariel is beautiful, wholesome, and very confident. Mike gave her a very caring massage. I love that Arial lets us come along and observe her sexual experiences !! I must admit, I was hoping that Mike would get to use his own personal 'magic wand' on Ariel . Maybe next time they can use a mattress so that they can share more intimacy ? Maybe Ariel can give Mike a great massage in the next video ? Keep up this series !! I look forward to the next chapter !! Thank You
I havdon't mixed feeling on this one to be honest. It is amazing she is so willing to let him do wherever he wants with his fingers and mouth and just lays back like a submissive girl. But it got a little boring after a while especially with no orgasm from her and then she actuallly stopped it. Good for her! I'm happpy you show d her reaction because I was in agreement. Love her though!
RE: Nice
Tims, I really disagree with you about her having no orgasms; to my count she had 3, 2 during at about 40 minutes and again at about 46. If that was not a final one with the vibrator then I am just going to go hide somewhere.
Interesting video. BUT it would have been much better without the chair. A platform should have been put on the floor - for instance, a mattress - which would have allowed a much greater degree of intimacy between ARIEL & MIKE. Besides, the video could have been much more erotic if both of them were free to embrace and fondle each other. (Let them be more adventurous, Hegre! Ma foi!)