Ariel Photo Fantasy

October 17, 2017
Ariel has definitely had some Hegre adventures…

You’re sure to crack a smile watching this amazing video. It’s a kind of a “Day in the Life” montage of one of our favourite models, Ariel. You get to follow along as she goes from one wild shoot to another.

There’s the simple solo girl shoot, sitting quietly, open-legged, on the floor with Petter. There’s the stool play and the exercise ball. Then things get serious, as she puts on a leather mask, strap-on dildo, black gloves and pasties. Finally, we end with sensual massage and love-making.

All in a day’s work! And through it all, Ariel shows what has made her so popular with our members: her tight little body, her adorable personality, and her angelic sensuality. This girl is truly a Hegre superstar!

  • Runtime: 17:44 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

good except
Really nice, like watching Hegre at work but the strap on was weird lol
ariel photo fantasy
Ariels ass poses are thrilling. She has lovely light-opened backdoor which is perfect to be conquered by a cock.
I agree, it is so nice to see Ariel's cute personality! nice to hear her squeal and giggle!
This girl has the best ass, tits , pussy and face in the business and she does not mind showing it or letting Hegre let his models touch her. Much more!
One of the great pleasures in watching the "how they were made" videos is FINALLY seeing some fun facial expressions on the models - in this case, Ariel can be SOOOOO CUTE!!!! She laughs, she gets embarrassed, she smiles for joy or mischievously - WONDERFUL. I'm sure many of us would love to see some personality expressed with the female models in the final photo sets!!!!
What a beautiful woman !! Ariel is perfection !! I love the way she feels so comfortable that she can share her beautiful body with us. She has the most beautiful intimate parts that I have ever seen. More of Ariel please !!
For my taste, Ariel has the perfect body.
Adorable Ariel
Ariel you are cute as a button!!!
Wild Shoot
Great behind the scenes, not long enough and not the best camera angles for me. More, much more!! please like this. Peter - One question if you dare to answer please!, when are we going to see real penetration? No one else could show this natural act as well as you! Yes you made me smile and it was good to see Ariel smile. Love it!!