Ariel Naked Fitness Motivation

August 15, 2017
Ariel inspires in this sensual yoga video

As all who have seen her know, Ariel has a body to die for. Tight, petite, and in immaculate shape, it’s clearly a work of art. And if you’ve ever wonder what kind of “work” it takes to make such art, this video will show you.

Ariel’s alone in a bright, clean space, fully naked, going through her yoga routine. She starts simple at first, doing some basic stretches. Then she starts to get more elaborate, and we get glimpses into all her secret energy spots.

Not only is Ariel’s routine inspiring, it’s wildly erotic. You can feel the power coming off her body, yet it’s so still and serene. The control and flow of her muscles is mesmerizing, truly like you’re watching a slow erotic dance.

Step onto the mat with Ariel, and let your body flow with her rhythm.

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Members' Comments

building up
would be 10x better if she had some sensual clothes and got naked gradually in the video.
Ariel is very motivating, indeed!
Ariel Naked Fitness Motivation
So nice!!
Incredibly aesthetic video. Ariel is mesmerizing. Her hips are just gorgeous.
Naked Yoga Yum
We would all go and do Yoga with Ariels all about us.
Definitely in this category.
Work of Art
Glad to see another Ariel video ; but was hoping to see her with a man or women in something very erotic. Her body continues to excite me.
Ariel Fitness
Incredible. Some say they've seen enough of this woman. Never. We are so lucky that you and she crossed paths at this moment in your lives, each contributing your unique gifts to the encounter. May there be many more.
RE: Ariel Fitness
I agree with Dov !! Ariel is pure delight !! Waiting for more of her !!
RE: Ariel Fitness
Indeed she is simply gorgeous! Keep these coming!
This girl has the best sexiest body I have ever seen. You have only a few girls ever on your site that have a great look but also are willing to share their body with us like Ariel. She will do almost any thing we would imagine including oral sex and insertions. She has limits and that is good too! Much more of her please!
Loved the nude Ariel - lots of different points of observation. I very much enjoyed all of the soles shots!
Nice video. BUT... I am hoping that the next ARIEL & MIKE video embodies faithfully the theme of the 'SEXUAL EXPLORATION MASSAGE' video.