Le Making of des scènes de cul de Charlotta et Alex

September 5, 2017
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Le scoop exclusif sur la sexualité parfaite...

Les scènes de sexe entre Charlotta et Alex sont d'une grande qualité. Ils ont l'air de deux dieux grecques qui survolent le paradis, jouissant dans les nuages, procréant la race humaine toute entière. Formes, passion, perfection.

Vous avez la chance de suivre le scoop sur la façon dont les dieux font l'amour. Ce film intime à souhait vous laisse pénétrer dans cette expérience idyllique. Vous verrez ainsi le réalisateur en pleine action avec la caméra, les performeurs se lovant de position en position, et de nombreux moments inédits de la séance légendaire. Il y a même des commentaires et des rires des stars elles-mêmes.

Trop d'érotisme tue l'érotisme. C'est quelque chose qui arrive "en secret" que vous devez regarder passivement. Pas sur Hegre.com. Eveillez vos sens érotiques avec ce film intime. Vous apprécierez le résultat final encore plus.

  • Durée d'exécution : 12:18 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

refreshing to see a tall gal with a shorter guy.
i love you charloota
love love love cinema
Charlotta is my last wish
As have been in the past Valerie and Clover, among other beautiful models, and how is it now Ariel. But she still does not reach the level of performance of Flora and Serena L ... Charlotta teases and teases and teases ... and it's okay to me, but ... I would not want she should disappear before I became completely crazy :D
Art of pleasure ... Nice !
You can see the performers being professional and at the same time, actually enjoying the show. Which is a feast for the eyes. On other sites, you see them acting and/or being tortured. Keep up the good work Hegre! Great job Alex, Charlotta! Thanks all.
The film says a lot
I did not really like the original photo display from this shoot. I thought there was too much omitted. If there had been some photos, of Charlotta playing with his penis for example, which had been included in the original posting I would have liked it a lot more; the impression is you do not want to show this, which I do not understand. You show women doing each other and never edit out their playing with each other, yet you never show close photos of men performing oral sex on the women! I do not understand that because it is beautiful; just as penetration is not shown, at least totally. I love what you do but some topics still seem off limits; and I see not reason why. Showing that does not take away from the artistic merit and certainly does not make it seem like cheap porn.
RE: The film says a lot
I agree with your comments, I have said this many times, I follow this site always with hope that one day we will see good penetration shots.
RE: The film says a lot
I agree with you both.
RE: The film says a lot
I'm obviously in the minority here. but, to me, that is EXACTLY what WOULD turn it into cheap porn! sex sites are a dime a dozen! I joined this precisely because it is NOT THAT! although, it seems to be turning into it. I stick around because there is still a steady flow of what I DID join for: beautiful women! that said, I thank Petter for another BTS peek!
Great Acting,
Those moves or suduction Mmmmmmmmmmm
Charlotta and Alex
Where is sex shenes? Charlotta, please, show us a delihtful explicit 69 and others shenes of sex whit Alex o Leo o Mike. Thanks my love. Roberto
Frustrating as it often is
Your MF sex scenes seem to be always short of real sex, but full of Peter intervening and recomposing models. OK sometimes. But how about letting these two delicious people (and others) go and make love with each other. That would not be typical porn, but real erotica!!!
charlotta and alex
The production values are priceless. The video should be used as an attempt to educate couples in the most civilized way of making love.
The Making of Ch...
No puedo entender como Alex estando desnudo con esa Diosa Pagana de Charlotta de 1,85 mts de estatura, refregándose, chupándose los genitales, y besandose de lengua, no se le ponga la pija dura cómo una piedra,¿ es profesionalismo, u homosexualidad?.-
Sex scene
I would love to hear what Charlotta and Alex thought about making this film. On, off, on, off, no conclusion to any scene. That's what porno actors do all the time. Yet, these two are not professional porno performers (that I know of) and wondered how they felt during and after the shot.
Charlotta is always on top...
she's the one right now , with boys or girls , she's not shy to delect herself.
I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to have Charlotta make love to me but I can't it's beyond my imagination
Poetry and Music
Charlotta, You are poetry and music... That smile, ever present...sleek, natural beauty. So soft...So gentle...So welcome to your many admirers
Interesting video. BUT... I'd very much love to see an erotic video featuring CHARLOTTA & MIKE.
I would love that as well, and possibly Ariel. However, if these women have chosen not to take that path then I also respect their choices. Petter cannot force them into something with which they are not comfortable.
Would love to see videos and photos of the lovely Charlotta by herself!!!
Very nice.
Alex!! Finally??! Can we have more Alex PLEASE!!!!!!!!! When will be the next Alex tape?