Ariel Beauté au ralenti

May 16, 2017
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La séduction est l'élan de la tranquillité...

Parfois la vie file comme une fusée en feu, et vous en oubliez de vous arrêter et de sentir les roses. Heureusement, ce film est là pour vous rappeler qu'il est bon et doux de ralentir. Et encore plus heureusement, l'ange de ce massage est l'incroyable Ariel.

En parfait ralenti, et dans une bonne ambiance musicale, nous regardons notre mannequin adorée dans des poses variées alors qu'elle se tourne et se love pour la caméra. L'effet tout entier est une danse lente impressionnante entre vous et Ariel. Et croyez-nous – les choses deviennent extrêmement intimes.

Avec chaque fine volute de sa jupe, chaque partie de ses membres, et chaque sourire de sa délicieuse bouche, Ariel nous envoûte dans son pouvoir. Nous voguons dans chaque mouvement, le tournoiement souple de son corps nous hypnotise. Nous tombons dans son corps, nous pénétrons en son image.

Prenez place, éteignez les lumières, et profitez de cette virée joyeuse de paix érotique. Ariel va prendre son temps avec vous. Donnez-lui votre esprit, et soyez libre.

  • Durée d'exécution : 10:44 Minutes
  • Format :
    • 4K Ultra HD 2160p (553 Mo)
    • Full HD 1080p (284 Mo)
    • HD 720p (118 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

I re-watched it at 1/4 speed (music pitch corrected, obviously) What is striking about this is that she seems perfectly /content/. There is "being happy in front of a camera" and then there is soul-relaxing contentment.
Your art is at its very best, sir Petre
Oh my goodness, this is the most beautiful capture of the illusive beauty of youth and the provocative nature of an irresistible woman. You are the very top of your field, as a photographer myself. Kudos to finding such a wonderous beauty as Ariel.
Perfection in motion , ablosultly brilliant Peter
Without words.
It takes a lot of strength to allow yourself to be this vulnerable. Ariel is precious.
Beautifull Ariel
Qu'est-ce qu'elle est belle !
Any chance
Any chance to get another slow mo of her masterbating? Would be so hot to see her legs spread and facial xpressions while she actually has a real orgasm!
Tired of Ariel
Unlike one of the other comments, I am "Arieled-out"! Not impressed. Whatever happened to Adriana, one of Hegre's hottest models ever?
Absolute "Perfection"
RE: Ariel
Negativity is bad KARMA. Kindly keep your thoughts positive to not affect other's che/aura... whichever one wishes to embrace. Mine is che. A positive way to approach your dilemma would have been to simply said: "Nice, I was curious if you still employ the beautiful Adriana? If so, could you guide me to some of her work??" Have you ever heard the saying you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar any day of the week! This also applies to humans... insofar as you'll most likely get what you want or need being kind or "sweet" like honey, but doubtful you'll get the response you're seeking if you speak harshly, with "bitterness" like vinegar! Try it! You just may surprise yourself! :)
WOW !!!
I'm speechless ...
"Gorgeous" I'm not Arieled out yet either.
she is a goddess
Would love to see a movie of Ariel playing with her clitoris in slow motion!
je ne comprend pas il n'y a plus le massage entre vibrating erotic mass. et muscle car cock mass comment ca se fait?
Ariel has the perfect body, flawless skin and a gorgeous smile. Her breasts have to the epitome of perkiness. You could tell she was aroused, as her areolas darkened and stippled. Stunningly beautiful. I can never get enough of Ariel - one of my favorite models if not the favorite/.
RE: Stunning
epitome of perkiness, lol
So beautiful.
This is how it should be: after five minutes I was begging Ariel to remove that skirt and, when she!
The stuff of dreams....
Great movie!!
Very well done. Not sure why she needed the skirt, video got even better when she removed it!! Love to see more videos like from other Hegre models!!!
This movie is one of the best at showing just how beautiful and elegant she is. She has no flaws and is so confident in her body. Thanks for doing this. Would love to see more of just her like this with her sexy moves! So awesome.
The “slow motion” video, the hallmark of Hegre excellence, if such thing needs to be. We are heading toward the equivalent of opera for eroticism. And Ariel, you are amazing! Thanks for your work.
Still not Arieled out! she's a beauty!