Wonderful people

by Fabi May 27 | 2013

Wonderful people

Hello to all my dear friends

One of the things that I treasure about Tantra is the wonderful people whom I meet when you come to my Temple. I love it when we keep in touch afterwards.

Recently I have written to quite a number of you and I think it would be helpful to many others if I pass on a little of what you have told me about your experience with Tantra. Naturally I have kept the remarks anonymous because I totally and completely respect the confidences of everyone I meet. But I do know – and I do understand – that some people are nervous about committing themselves to Tantra encounters. That can be because of a reluctance to share feelings intimately or to talk about matters which are thought to be too private to share.

I hope that I can put to rest some of these doubts. I’ll let my friends’ words speak for themselves:

Dear Fabi

Here is what I learned after my experience with you and from reading/experiencing Tantra afterwards.

I learned Tantric lovemaking rituals geared toward empowering me to prolong my sexual encounters, so that I can bring more satisfaction and maximum pleasure to women by bringing them past the threshold of orgasmic nirvana multiple times in one night, all night long.

I also learned more about the holistic approach of Tantra that focuses on harnessing the power of sexual energy.
Thank you Fabi

And from someone else:

Hi Fabi

My evening with you was the most enlightening evening of my life. The techniques I learnt, the enjoyment of your presence and connection with you were things I will never forget.
Thank you!!!!!!!

And thirdly:

Holla Fabi, Solo queria darte las gracias y hacerte saber que le estoy sacando partido a la experiencia. Le conté la experiencia a mi mujer y estamos experimentando un montón. simplesmente queria darte las gracias e conpartir contigo lo provechoso de la experiencia. Un abrazo
[Hello Fabi. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I am taking advantage of the experience. I told my wife all about it and we are finding out a lot. I simply wanted to say thank you for sharing such a profitable experience. With hugs]

I hope that these responses from people just like you will encourage you to contact me http://www.hegre.com/tantra/reservations
I am looking forward to making more friends.

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