What is your indulgence ritual?

by Bara July 21 | 2014

What is your indulgence ritual?

Our life is created out of little things that we do again and again – little things that become big things and gradually become habits.

Do you have positive habits that contribute to your good health and comfort? Or are the things you do more or less done unconsciously, and perhaps you think are not ideal? Think for a second about what habits make up your life. Be honest with yourself. We are human and each one of us has vices. I don’t judge because I have vices too.

But I would like to focus on the things that make you feel good and contribute to your better health – the things that lift you up when you feel low. There is actually a deeper meaning to the phrase ‘feeling low’. It means low energy, a slow vibration. Something unpleasant happens during the day and you may feel like it took all your energy. In fact, that something is just slowing down your vibrations and you can choose to raise them up again. You can consciously let go of it and change the vibes.

That’s why I call it a ritual. Anything we do with awareness can be considered as a ritual, or a meditation if you like. Ideally, we have a few of those that we do every day and it prevents us from encountering difficult situations, or facing them more easily. Please note: I don’t find smoking, over eating, taking drugs etc. as a ritual, I see these more as an escape than anything else.

So what can it be? First of all I think about moving the body according to your preference. There are many other factors that influence our mood a lot; like eating patterns, the people you meet, the music you listen to, your surroundings, your medical conditions, your job and so on.

You may find something that could be replaced and improved. You can easily uncover the habits that don’t serve you well. And most probably you know what they are.

And then it is about finding something that you like, something that comforts and indulges you. It has to be something that comes out of your being and brings a smile to your face again. Than you will feel high on life.

Once you find your thing, you’ll know that your emotions are not necessarily your boss and that you’re not committed to feeling low for the rest of the day.
In other words: hold the rudder and go where you want. Replace those old bad habits with new, fresh ones.

I recommend starting with little things, before you quit your job for example. It could be a nice long walk in nature, creating space for your favorite activities, calling friends more often, eating healthier food, drawing, singing, receiving or giving massages, spending more time with your children and so on.

Elevate this routine into a beautiful ritual or meditation. At the beginning choose just one thing and gradually you can add new ones. Do it as often as you want to and make sure you’re conscious when doing it. With your awareness you send love at the same time and the love you give will return back to you.

I hope this will inspire you. And if you have any related comments or questions, please do leave a comment.