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Singles Couples Tantra Training

Tantra Introduction Massage: 3 Hours | 350€

This wonderful massage session is recommended for first time bookings. We begin with a consultation and then take the time to get out of the everyday busyness of life, calming down in the ambience of the spa. And if you are interested, there is time to find out more about tantra.

It is an opportunity for me to get to know you better. You can tell me about your attitude towards your own sexuality. And also about any secret desires you may have.

The massage then starts with our cleansing ritual. You’ll be seated on a special Nuru stool while warm water is poured softly over your entire body. Then with tender hands your body will be covered in soap, washed and caressed. You’ll be rinsed and then dried with large fluffy towels. It’s a wonderful bonding ceremony and the perfect beginning.

This massage is about relaxation, pleasure and receiving. It is a full body massage mapping every corner of your body. During the massage you receive various kinds of touch, with your senses awakened using soft feathers and silky linens. You may be surprised how your body responds to the combination of gentle and energetic touch.

Lingam or yoni massage is included in the second part of the session. After the body and senses are awakened, the lingam starts to be more sensitive and ready to shift the fire energy into the whole body. Tantra believes that each piece of the lingam is connected to different parts of the body and we can stimulate the whole body via the lingam. It means while you receive an intimate massage the full body is nourished at the same time.

If you wish we can focus on erection prolongation and work with your energy. We use breathing techniques to help with your energy flow. If you wish, a prostate massage can be included too. The prostate can provide you with a higher level of sensitivity. And it can arouse the female quality of your sexuality.

With all our Tantra massages, you can choose if you want to orgasm, there is no pressure. If you do wish to, you will be guided on an incredible path to a full body orgasm and sexual enlightenment.

During the session there is no rush, you can relax and really enjoy your massage.

Tantra Massage: 2 Hours | 300€

The first part of the session we spend awakening your life force through intense breathing. We go through various Tantric breathing techniques combined with rituals, such as the Tantric hug and Tantric bonding. And your senses will be awakened using soft feathers and gentle linens.

You receive a full body Tantric massage including honouring of the lingam or yoni. Perceptions of sensuality and desire are located here. And these intimate areas are an important source of joy and fulfilment in life. Please remember, you can choose if you want to orgasm, there is no pressure. If you do wish to experience sexual bliss, you will be guided on an incredible path to a full body orgasm. If you wish, a prostate massage can be included too.

You will feel relaxed yet wide-awake. You will be coached to breathe properly as you sink into an even deeper level of relaxation.

During this extraordinarily loving ceremony you will be completely nurtured and pampered in my arms, providing you with a feeling of comfort and sense of well being. Some have described this incomparable sensation as "like walking on clouds".

Tantra Bath Ceremony Massage: 3 Hours | 450€

Imagine yourself being disrobed within the soft glow of scented candlelight. See yourself relaxing in a place where I will soothe you and lavish the most careful attention upon every inch of your body.

Your body will be caressed and relaxed with many different soaps, scented oils and sponges. Soft hands and adept fingers will move about and caress every minute part of your physical being, massaging your head and temples, neck, shoulders ever further down to your most sensitive area. Even your feet and toes will have attention.

The warm water will melt away your stress and relieve your anxiety. You will begin to feel reborn as your newly invigorated body is gently dried with fluffy warm towels. You will know that this is only the beginning of your adventure. Because the second part of the ceremony continues when you lie down and you will receive full body pleasuring and a nurturing tantra massage.

Tantra Female Massage: 3 Hours | 400€

Women are like flowers. They open up slowly but once they do they bloom for a long time. Male and female sexuality works a bit differently. That’s why women need a different approach than men.

The massage starts with our cleansing water ritual. Warm water is poured softly over your entire body. Then with tender hands your body will be covered in soft soap, then washed and caressed. You’ll be rinsed and then dried with large fluffy towels. It’s a wonderful bonding ceremony and the perfect beginning.

This massage is still about relaxation and pleasuring the body and senses. But we also focus more on awakening female sexual energy. Women can only reach orgasmic and ecstatic states when they feel safe to open up to all the emotions involved. There is plenty of time, so there is no rush! The ritual is gradual and we fully respect your needs and boundaries.

As women we all want to be fabulous lovers for our partners, but we also have to find out what our body likes. So in the session you’ll learn more about your own boundaries, recognizing what is pleasant and what is not. And in the end you’ll be able to let go of worry and tell your lover about what you truly want.

What does the session look like?

In the beginning we sit down with a cup of tea. I would like to hear about your reasons for attending and what expectations you have. And we’ll talk about your boundaries. It will help me to get a better sense of the direction we take.

When you are ready to start the massage I will give you options for how we begin. For example, you might choose the bath ceremony, breathing techniques, or the self-acceptance ritual. Than we flow into the full body massage.

We may find parts of your body are connected to certain kinds of emotion. Sometimes, issues in the past can link negative emotions to areas of the body (which can often be much more sensitive). By focusing loving Tantra touch and special techniques on these parts, we can treat and eliminate these negative patterns.

This massage gradually becomes a yoni massage. And, again, it’s up to you what you wish to receive and if you would like to orgasm. I will be taking care of your comfort and keeping your Tantra journey save and pleasant.

Tantra Healing Massage: 3 Hours | 400€

Tantra healing massage is meant for people who want to become more conscious about their issues or blockages. These blockages may have anatomical, physiological or emotional reasons. They may be expressed in different ways in men and women. These are some of the issues that can be approached by means of Tantric healing massage: premature ejaculation, lack of erection, lack of desire, anorgasmia or vaginismus.

Other blocks, though less visible, may be present. For example, a lack of interest in sex may arise from emotional wounds such as rape, incest, sexual abuse or injuries of physical or emotional boundaries. It can also result from ignorance of sexuality or from prejudices coming from education, religion or social situation. Or there may have been an oppressive family situation. The reasons for blockage of sexual energy and the ways it expresses itself are numerous. Once all the anatomical or physiological reasons are excluded, we try to give support as follows.

How does it work?

Together we create a safe and respectful space in which these blocks can be expressed in complete confidence. Together we explore the emotional and mental burdens. As we recognize them we can drop them. By touching the body gently and respectfully, we bring about first of all the ‘arriving’ and anchoring in the body. Afterwards the points of pain or tension may be discovered. This leads to awareness and acceptance of these points. And then, by specific massage techniques, we assist their transformation. While Tantra healing is not a substitute for medical help or psychotherapy, it may offer valuable support and help to transform an often unspoken suffering.

Finally, it is important to understand that “Tantra healing” is too restrictive an expression because the root chakra, where the sexual energy awakens, is part of the sum of all the energy centres. The ultimate goal is to get them all connected with each other and to experience them all in harmony.

Releasing painful emotions opens the potential to receive more pleasure, in more places, for longer periods of time. As a result, even though the sexual healing ceremony is deliberately not meant to arouse, it can actually cause heightened arousal because of relaxation, trust and release. After such a powerful experience a person needs to be nurtured and held. It is the end of one life and the beginning of a new fuller life.

Some recommendations about Healing Tantra Massage:

Perhaps think about where your boundaries are before we meet. We will talk about these in the beginning of the session. Are there parts of your body you do not want touched? Are there any steps you would prefer to avoid during the session? Remember, you are free to choose whether you wish to orgasm, or not. Rest assured you will be carefully guided every step of the way.

Respect yourself. You are not a victim with a sexual dysfunction. You are a beautiful being who wants to be fully released from anything that holds you back from the full potential of your love.

Intense Tantric Massage Path: 6 Hours | 500€

This is like the Tantra massage described above but with tuition included. It can be varied according to individual requirements. Think of it like a one-to-one Tantra Workshop. We unveil the mysteries of Tantra together.

The first hours we spend in intense Tantric breathing exercises. We combine the breathing with the Tantric hug, the self-love ritual, yoni or lingam gazing and Tantric bonding ritual. It is careful work, opening up each energy centre in your body. It re-establishes a balanced connection with your own self. This will make you even more receptive to the full body Tantric massage you receive in the next hours of our session.

During the session you will able to learn some special Tantric rituals and techniques. It depends on you and what you need. Some examples are: controlling your energy to relax or activate; learning how Tantra is helpful in mid-life and menopause; knowing what women or men want most; finding the keys to ejaculation control; seeing beyond the superficial; love muscle exercises for men and women; finding your Tantric love triggers; and the sensual touch. . If you wish, we can also explore the art of prostate massage.

All that you need to do is to let me know what you are searching for. Please be completely honest about what you want and really need so that I can organize the best possible techniques and rituals just for you!

Couples Singles Tantra Training

These programs are specially designed for couples so bring your partner, husband, wife, lover or friend.

What a wonderful way to reawaken your sensual life together or take it to the next level. You will learn new ways of being together including the magic of conscious, loving touch.

If you have been together for a while day-to-day life can seemingly take the joy out of being together. Things become habit, from how you prefer to eat your food to how you relate with each other. The way you speak and touch - or don't speak and touch - creates barriers in your sensual and emotional lives.

Often when I raise the idea of couple's sessions with individual clients who are in partnerships, the response is, "Oh, they wouldn't be interested." I challenge this by asking, "Have you asked them?" This results in reflection and often a realization that they have simply given up and made that assumption about their partner not being interested.

My intention is to facilitate the best possible experience. Part of this is for both of you to individually express to me what you would like to receive from a session before we meet. By having a conversation, we are making a connection. We will also discuss boundaries, mine and yours. When everyone feels safe, relaxed and connected, we create the ideal environment for a blissful experience.

Everything is done at your own pace, within your own boundaries and limits. I participate as much or as little as you like. So to women who are worried about another woman being present in the room, I would say, "Don't be alarmed. I will only be a shadow. You will be his Goddess at all times in the session."

I am always ready to discuss individual treatments and requirements. Do not be afraid to ask anything. It helps me if you are as open and direct as you need to be. I will need to ask you some personal questions relating to what each of you finds arousing and what, if anything, you find off-putting. Be honest about details, and give me as much information as possible to help me design a session specific to your personal needs.

You can do whatever you like to suit your own comfort levels.

Couple's Session Tantra Massage: 3 Hours | 500€ 4 Hours | 650€

Each session is a journey to bring your inner and outer worlds together. Feeling good on the outside is an important factor in your general happiness and well-being on the inside. Touch is a powerful communication tool. The quotation “Touch can communicate more love in five seconds than words can in five minutes” says it all. Conscious loving touch promotes deeper intimacy and nurturing in your relating. Move beyond your habitual ways of touching and relating with each other.

Your session takes place in an intimate space. The practical work begins with learning the Tantric breathing technique. We then do a number of Tantric rituals depending on your requirements. These can include the foot washing ceremony, a Tantric touch ritual, Tantric eye gazing, a communication ritual and a well- wishing ritual. There is also the opportunity for worshiping, yoni and/or lingam gazing and Tantric sitting.

We also take time to demonstrate and practice Tantric massage strokes, which are sensual, conscious touch. You can learn how to give your partner a beautiful yoni or lingam massage. If you wish, you also have the opportunity to try Tantric touch on each other. You can activate the sexual meridians and discover sensual spots on each other’s body. We close the session with a short meditation and a review of your personal massage experience.

Throughout the sessions I will be quietly guiding you to indicate the best techniques and to give tips on all-over massaging, so your partner can receive a amazing 4 hands massage by us.

This massage is a wonderful way to learn and to connect more deeply and intimately on all levels - emotionally, physically and spiritually with your partner.

All massages can be on either a futon or a massage table. The choice is yours!

Tantra Sacred Path, Initiation: 3 Hours | 500€

We start with tea and a chat about Tantra and your goals. The practical work begins with learning the Tantric breathing technique. We then do a number of Tantric rituals depending on your requirements. These can include the foot washing ceremony, a Tantric touch ritual, Tantric eye gazing, a communication ritual and a well-wishing ritual. This workshop is a wonderful way to learn methods to connect more deeply and intimately on all levels - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You take away "homework" and lots of ideas to try out and practice at home in order to transform your experience of sexuality. Then you can go further on your Tantric path in your relationship.

Life, Love And Intimacy. Part I: 3 Hours | 650€
6 Hours | 900€
Tantra Sacred Path Initiation included

This workshop covers the Tantra sacred path and massage. The intimate work it includes is for those who wish to learn more about lingam and/or yoni massage.

You can make this a special treat for yourself to renew the love and sensuality in your partnership or, if you prefer, to work on Tantric solutions to sexually related issues.

The particular topics are: - masculine and feminine energies (Shiva and Shakta), the Tantric bath ritual, the art of giving and receiving, Tantric massage, meditation, Tantric breathing and grounding. Yoni and lingam Tantra touch is also covered.

The last two hours are spent on how to give a full body hot oil massage and include learning to give each other the intimate lingam and yoni massages. You are gently guided through every step in both giving and receiving the massage. The workshop ends with tips on setting up your private massage space, the best oils, props, and what other materials are required.

Please be prepared for intimate hands on work.

Life, Love And Intimacy. Part II: 3 Hours | 600€
6 Hours | 850€
Part I is required before taking Part II.

This provides more techniques to allow you to open yourself more fully to love yourself and your partner. Enjoy a Tantric exploration of sacred sexuality, and discover the full potential of your relationship.

This workshop structure concentrates on your relationship. It gives you the means to deepen your intimacy on all levels. This is done by means of: breathing techniques for extending love making and achieving "full body orgasms, advanced Tantric practices and learning to connect to the divine through spiritual sexual union. Chakra awakening and healing are part of this.

Additionally there are the “playful” exercises. These include the ‘love muscle', Yab Yum and ejaculation mastery for men and G-spot orgasm for women. They lead on to use of Shiva and Shakti (the masculine and feminine energies) and opening the heart centre. Together they bring extended love-making and afterglow.

This workshop is conducted with clothing off.

Tantra Training Singles Couples

3 Hours | 350€

4 Hours | 450€

Tantra Training

This training is for those with a desire to dive deeper into Tantra practices. I will introduce to you to exercises that can become part of your regular routine. Cultivation of your sexual energy is key to your personal and spiritual growth.

We will explore different rituals and methods of meditation, for example: Osho dynamic meditation, the connecting ritual or the art of conscious touch.

You will learn how to calm your mind and discover real intimacy. The goal is to become more aware about your body and learn how to work with your energy. And bring the beautiful practice of Tantra into your normal life. Not only will you discover more about yourself, this training will help you meet people on a deeper level.

Massage Training (with model)

For the practice you can bring your own model or partner. Otherwise there is an additional fee for the model during massage practice: €50/hour.

In this training you will learn how to provide a more loving and pleasurable touch. And how to really connect with the person you’re massaging.

Above all, the technique you will learn is to focus on your complete presence. This helps you to be more empathetic and sensitive toward the receiver’s needs. Hopefully you’ll also get a sense of the energy flow between you and the receiver, which I consider the most important element of a great Tantra massage.

We will explore different Tantra rituals and massage techniques. And help you to bring this experience and knowledge into your life, where you can use it and become more skilled in Tantra massage.

Tantric Breathing And Meditations Techniques

Breathing is something we must do constantly in order to exist. It is the most essential force of life. Yet most people don't give breathing any thought. They take it for granted. This is a mistake. We should consciously pay attention to breathing. Tantrics believe that mastering the breath is akin to mastering the mind and spirit. Focusing on breathing makes you grow more attuned to your body and your environment.

Tantric meditation is invigorating for the practitioner. It awakens energies that lie untapped at the base of your spine, providing you with a new outlook on your surroundings, your relationships, and yourself.

Sensual Massage And Tantra Rituals

Sensual massage is a technique that has been used in the Tantric sexual arts for thousands of years. Learning how to properly give and receive a Tantric sensual massage is invaluable knowledge likely to make you a better lover and partner, and greatly improve your quality of life.

Massage is a wonderful way to increase intimacy and arousal. It can be either an alternative to intercourse or a prelude to sex when incorporated into your foreplay. The purpose of Tantric massage is to find true relaxation in mind and body, and then to excite in a slow and sensual manner. It is also geared toward moving sexual energy up through the body, to awaken the higher spiritual centers. By doing Tantric massage, you awaken the body to passion and sexual awareness while at the same time strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

Yoni Massage

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. It literally means "Divine Passage" or "Sacred Temple." From a casual graze of the hand to a deliberate sensuous massage, touch says more than words ever could.

Through Tantra you can learn how to explore and stimulate every inch of a woman’s body. By carefully building up her arousal, heightening her sensations and bringing her to orgasm, every cell of her body will vibrate with erotic delight.

You can learn how to create and perform your very own sensual Tantric yoni massage created by women especially for women.

The yoni massage used as part of the Tantric massage prepares the woman mentally and physically for intercourse. It brings the woman closer to orgasm before the man has even begun to move towards it, thus creating harmony within the partnership.

The goal is not orgasm, though that can happen in a more intense and satisfying way. It can sometime lead to the release of amrita, the female ejaculation. It is a great skill to have and a lot of fun to learn.

Lingam Massage

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the penis. It literally means "wand of light". Lingam massage is the ritual of honouring and healing this part of the body. It is touching the penis not for arousal and orgasm but out of joy and wonder at this beautiful part of the body.

It improves male sexual stamina. Premature ejaculation can often be healed through loving nurturing of the lingam.

Prostate Massage Or Sacred Spot Massage

Prostate massage, often referred to as prostate massage milking, is a sacred Tantric ritual used to awaken this sexual-spiritual focus point in your body. The prostate is reached through the anus. It is located by gently inserting a finger and slightly curling it up towards the belly. Men need not worry about this. It can be a very erotic experience and is often combined with a lingam massage.

A prostate massage will open your body to more energy. You will learn how to experience more pleasure, release sexual trauma, and let go of deeply held emotions.

Sacred Breast Massage

A sacred breast massage is a ritual that allows the woman to receive kundalini – sexual - energy and unconditional love from her partner. In this ritual, she is given time to explore her body without being under pressure.

The breast massage is a special type of Tantric massage that focuses on the woman’s breasts, which are the seat of her sexuality and arousal. It adds energy healing and Tantric coaching to the ecstasy of receiving a nurturing and awakening sensual massage. It creates an environment in which a woman can release stress and feel more alive in her body.

Self-pleasure Ritual

Explore your body as if for the first time. Self-pleasure and masturbation are among the most powerful gifts you can give yourself. To explore your body with loving compassion, to allow yourself the time and space to feel pleasure and to know that you are worth giving and receiving this pleasure are some of the most powerful steps to becoming sexually and spiritually whole. You can learn about your limits and way to arouse yourself. You will learn about yourself, especially in the case of women.

Understanding The Orgasm. The Art Of Foreplay

Tantra has much to offer in the area of understanding orgasms in men and women. Often people have problems here. For example women may be unable to reach orgasm and men can reach it too quickly.

It is a fact of life that men orgasm quicker than women. The basic programming of man is to procreate and continue his bloodline. A man can be re-programmed through simple exercises coupled with the desire to practice and to last longer.

Tantric teachings address two different types of orgasms - the physical variety and the spiritual one. This second type of orgasm is also referred to as a “heart orgasm” or “energy orgasm.” Ideally, a person achieves one ultimate orgasm that combines both physical and spiritual bliss, leading to an amazingly powerful state of consciousness. Tantrics believe it is only then that you can use lovemaking as a way to move into a higher spiritual state.

Multiple orgasms are a series of orgasms that occur - usually in rapid succession - during a single sexual encounter. Many women can achieve multiple orgasms with just a very brief “recovery period” in between, or even with none at all. While multiple orgasms are most commonly associated with women, men can experience this phenomenon as well.

Kundalini Shaking and Osho Active Meditations

These techniques help us to let go of our unseen shackles. It releases rigidity in the body, feelings and mind, so it offers us new life. By opening up the constrictions of bodily tensions and frozen emotions we make way for a clear flow of energy. We allow ourselves to feel more and to be more of who we really are. We experience greater love and better communication with others.

Sensory Awakening Ritual

Sensory Awakening is a ritual that offers an exquisite opportunity to receive delicate sensory delights. Each of the five senses is stimulated one at the time, slowly and sensitively.

The Magic Of Tantra

AN INTRODUCTION TO the mysterious, sensual world of Tantric massage and how it can become such a powerful, life changing experience


All Sessions
Can Also Include:

  • Activating the sexual meridians: meditative slow caresses.
  • Discovering sensual spots, exploring each corner of your body, awakening all your senses, to find erogenous zones you might have never known about.
  • Practicing Tantric Techniques: to control ejaculation and to expand your sexual energy.
  • By using muscle contractions and deep breathing you preserve your energy for your own healing and pleasure.
  • Fire breath: a powerful Breathing Technique to raise the level of your sexual energy and reactivate the energy flow in your whole body.


  • Longer Tantra Sessions are especially recommended to clients with previous experience.
  • Although you are welcome to attend long sessions without prior experience, please express your wish and thoughts before making an appointment.
  • Regardless of the duration of the session you wish to choose, please retain from ejaculation and sexual intercourse at 24 hours before and after the massage.
  • Please do not use strong perfumes, fragrances or body-lotions.
  • Allow yourself enough time to prepare and relax before and after the treatment.

Free Refreshment

During longer sessions than 3 hours, you are welcome to have a break, you are invited for a fresh fruit salad and for an organic refreshment drink.


Tantra Couples

We offer guidance to couples and partner-pairs with the focus on intimacy in a warm and honouring environment.

  • Allow yourself at the deepest levels of the psyche, learn how to give greater pleasure to your beloved. Study loving, practice love and be loved.
  • Find God in the man you love, or the Goddess in the woman you love? Express the divinity that is within you and adore the divinity within your beloved.
  • If you are in a relationship, it is ideal if you both pursue this interest in Tantra together. Not only is it a great bonding experience that is almost guaranteed to strengthen your relationship, but you can also learn new things that you can then practice as a mutual activity.
  • Even if your partner does not totally share your enthusiasm for Tantra yet, do not be discouraged. When one partner begins exploring and then goes home and shares these sensual techniques, often partner begin to be a lot more receptive to and interested in the whole concept of Tantra. But you still can see Tantra Training singles here.

Training Programs:

Learn the Art
of Tantra

If you are interested in learning Tantric skills, either as an individual or professional, now is the right moment.

We are offering new training programs for those who wish to apply Tantra in their everyday life.

One-to-one classes for individuals, Tantric tuition for couples and intensive Tantra massage tuition are available. You can learn Tantric massage strokes, loving touch, meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques, yoni and lingam massage.

The training programs take place in our unique temple in Sitges, near Barcelona. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the sacred and sensual world of Tantric massage and let your spirit evolve.

What will I gain?

In our experience, when you follow the Tantra path the benefits are amazing. Here are some of them:

  • Sexual experiences of a kind that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them.
  • A deeper capacity to love that feels more like freedom than obligation.
  • Absence of guilt, shame and fear.
  • A complete change in your outlook on sex, love, and spirituality. You move into authentic and healthy relationships.

Tantra Training for Singles

  • Not currently in a romantic relationship? No problem. You do not need to wait until you are to study Tantra. Single people are welcome. In many ways, this may be the perfect time for you to pursue this new endeavour.
  • You can focus all of your energy on your own spiritual and personal growth without worrying about neglecting a partner's needs.
  • When that perfect match does come along, you will be totally open and ready to share all of your Tantric wisdom.
  • Once you have an awareness of your inner issues, you can grow towards health if you are willing. You will know you are on the right path because you will begin to see rewards.

Some of the issues which affect Men:

Boredom, low self-esteem, erectile and ejaculatory issues, addiction to sex, trouble connecting to women, loneliness, challenges in an existing relationship, looking for a spiritual path that embraces their sexuality, sexual shame and guilt, involuntary celibacy or virginity.

Men find more satisfying sexual and romantic connections. They acquire improved mastery of the lingam and sexual confidence.

Some of the issues which affect Women:

Orgasm problems, feeling sexually dead, poor body image, guilt and shame around sex, "frozen" genitals, a desperate need to be loved, feeling too needy in relationships, low self-esteem, involuntary celibacy or virginity.

Women achieve sexual empowerment with a strong sense of self-love and spiritual love. They gain the ability to take responsibility for their own pleasure. New sexual horizons open with awakening sensation in the yoni.