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Welcome to our Temple

Why to fill in such a long reservation form?

Firstly: It is important to us to provide the best service possible.

Secondly: By you giving us an idea about your intention and orientation, can only enhance the quality of our work. It allows us to prepare a session fitted to your needs. In this way you can have a personal experience, rather than a factory product.

Thirdly: Our wish is to work only with those unique people who at least have a basic understanding of our work process and a respectful, open minded attitude towards Tantra.

If YOU are one of those unique people, you will be the most welcome in our temple!



  • Longer Tantra Sessions are especially recommended to clients with previous experience.
  • Although you are welcome to attend long sessions without prior experience, please express your wish and thoughts before making an appointment.
  • Regardless of the duration of the session you wish to choose, please retain from ejaculation and sexual intercourse at 24 hours before and after the massage.
  • Please do not use strong perfumes, fragrances or body-lotions.
  • Allow yourself enough time to prepare and relax before and after the treatment.