Summer 2018

by Charlotta June 22 | 2018

Summer 2018

Hello my dear readers,
I've been looking for a good theme for my next blog. I want to bring you something useful that will be beneficial to your tantric journey...I think that at a time when tantric massage has become increasingly a part of the commercial world, it is important to understand a few important factors when trying to choose the right salon with the right masseuse.

I would imagine that some of you have had a bad experience with tantric massage, even though the masseuse first presented herself as a tantric specialist. To avoid such problems, it is always best, if possible, to get a reference or a review and to listen to the experience of someone around you, such as a friend, a family member, or someone who has had or gives tantric massage.

In terms of selecting your masseuse, you should avoid having a "private," because though it can be nice, it definitely has nothing to do with tantric massage. Also avoid doing a massage that only takes one hour: in such a short time, the masseuse can only do the introductory ritual, as well as the shower or breathing techniques. Another thing to remember is the discount coupons. You can never be sure what kind and quality of massage you will get for them. Further, a real tantric practitioner should be able to listen to and empathize with each client individually. For the ultimate experience, I would recommend our Temple in the beautiful coastal city of Sitges, as many of you have discovered by visiting us. As always, thank you for your testimonials and comments. I wish you a beautiful summer and many sunny days!

Your Charlotta