Everything is Tantra

The way we treat each other, the way we breathe, the way we care for ourselves, the way we love, is all Tantra.

Tantra is an ancient path originating in conscious spirituality that draws on the healing powers of sexual energy. It opens the heart and the senses to promote change, transformation, vitality and love. Literally Tantra means "weaving" in Sanskrit - the weaving of energy. Spiritual energy is naturally woven together with our sexual energy in our body. It is a way of life.

Revujenation and transformation in your life and relationships

Every day for the rest of our life is our journey through conscious living and loving. Tantra teaches us that when we worship the inner spirit during love-making or during our own sensual experience, mystical awareness and self-realization will eventually occur.

Sexual energy is the most basic energy in the body. The cultivation of this powerful energy acts as a medical elixir to heal illness. It creates sacred healing, increases well-being and brings passion, love, bliss and other higher states of consciousness. Rejuvenation and transformation follow in your life and relationships.

Through Tantric practice and Tantric sessions, we become completely absorbed, melting into an ocean of love and light. It is a light that is so pure and all-pervasive that it casts no shadows. We realize that we are living, breathing consciousness. All the worries, thoughts, past impressions, and old traumas are let go, revealing the truth and our purpose in life.

Tantra is a pathway to our true potential, to be both spiritually and sexually established in the bliss of freedom and love. Tantric massages when done consciously, generating life force energy in our bodies enables deep healing to take place. It is possible to reach expanded states of consciousness where profound peace and relaxation reside.

Each session is different; each person’s response is also different. There is no goal to reach and no right way to feel. Healing is a journey that a client embarks on, not a procedure that the healer performs. The highest aim of the practitioner is to give the person back to themselves.

Tantra is a pathway to our true potential, to be both spiritually and sexually established in the bliss of freedom and love

Massage also gives us permission to celebrate pleasure without shame. Whatever happens for you is welcome, whether that is emotional release, deep relaxation or exquisite pleasure in your body. All parts of the body are massaged and honored with body-to-body massage one-way only, so that you can learn to receive fully.

For some people just receiving can be quite difficult. But I will show you that it can be very rewarding to leave yourself in another person’s hands. Is alright to simply accept pleasure instead of feeling that you are part of an interactive courtship dance of intimacy. It sets you free from the desire to "think and do" and leaves you in the right state of mind to simply "relax and feel".

A very safe sacred space will be created to learn breathing, using Tantric and Taoist elements to consciously channel and focus energy throughout the whole body. You can book the massages on either the futon or on the massage table. If it is a first visit, I generally work with men on the futon and with women on the massage table. If you wish otherwise, please request this when you book.

Sessions listed take place as described, but are always guided by your personal needs. Apart from being a professional service, it is also highly intuitive work which requires verbal communication between client and therapist.

All that is needed is for you to be as honest as you can be with me about what you need and what you are searching for. The more I know about you, the more it enables me to plan the best experience possible.

Tantric Rituals



Eye gazing, making a third eye connection, welcoming Shiva and Shakti in you and in your partner.


A deep connection in a laid down position, when you can disappear into oneness. Powerful technique also to release repressed emotions. Combined with intense Tantric Breathing.

Tantric Hug

An intimate, soft hug, combined with Tantric Breathing. Simultaneous and alternating breathing.

Tantric play

It is fun; it is about experiencing stages of becoming aggressive, sensual, and erotic.


A beautiful ritual, honoring the divine in you and in your partner. You can express love, intimacy, sensuality with the warmth of your hand, without having to touch the other one.

Self love ritual

Self pleasuring, discovering your beautiful body. A big stepping-stone towards a healthy self-esteem and learn to truly love yourself while sharing the experience. Combined with specific Breathing Techniques and Affirmations.

Tantric sit

After having reached a state of higher energy level, the female (Shakti) sits on her male partner’s (Shiva) lap. They breathe and vibrate together in this ecstatic flow.


A Tantric Meditation with Breathing Techniques. You can get lost and experience endless peace while gazing at the genital area of your partner.

Tantra Galleries

Through Tantric practice and Tantric sessions, we become completely absorbed, melting into an ocean of love and light: Take a visual journey here.


What Will Happen During A Session

The purpose of a private session is to catalyze your awareness to the next level of what you are ready for.

How this happens and what it entails depends on how I read your energetic, emotional and physical bodies at the time that you arrive for the session. I listen to your words, but I also feel into your emotional body and your energetic field.

From this place, I make an assessment as to what would be the most potent course of action for our session. Sessions are therefore not pre-planned and they are highly individualized. I use a huge range of modalities that include:

  • Counselling and discussion
  • Conscious bodywork
  • Breathwork
  • Guided meditation
  • Processwork psychology
  • Tantric/taoism techniques
  • Bioenergetic movement techniques
  • Nervous system repatterning
  • Enactment, embodiment, roleplay, movement and sounding
  • Venting and other forms of emotional exploration.

Elements Of Tantric Rituals

• Awakening the senses:

Stroking the entire body with silky scarves and feathers.

• Withdraw of the sarong:

A slow ritual, when you lose sense of the motion of your sarong.

• Worship:

Shakti is honoring Shiva, using light touch, and making magic circles around the body.

Chakra Work:

Laid down postures: the partners make a connection through the root chakra.

Shakti lays on top of Shiva, both face down, breathing together in harmony.

Alignment of the chakras: Activate each energy center of the body, starting from the base chakra and making a connection between the partners. Also called Tantric Love making. Using energy flow, sound, breath, touch.

Chakra Breathing: Activate each energy center of the body starting from the base chakra. Meditative guided Breathing Technique using specific sounds to leave an endless harmony in the body and mind