Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Tantra therapist or Dakini?

Tantra therapist or Dakini is a Tibetan word for a woman who teaches the deep mysteries of Tantra. Her whole being is devoted to the Divine/Existence/your awakening. She uses the power of the feminine, including feminine sexuality, to shatter illusions and bring the client closer to the truth of who s/he is. Being a Dakini is a deep calling that takes a lifetime of preparation, and by doing her own inner work, the Dakini becomes able to accurately read and potently respond to the awareness needs of the client. For that she uses both ordinary and extraordinary perception and abilities.

What is Tantra?

Tantra and Tantric practices originate from India and are thousands of years old. Tantra in Sanskrit means to weave. The basic premise of the word Tantra is that life is like a tapestry of thousands of individual, colorful threads. The universe is described as the divine play of Shakti and Shiva, female and male poles.

Tantra gives us wonderful tools to make our life happier, more colorful and fulfilled. With such tools and techniques like touch, massage, breath and energy flow, we are given the opportunity to use our full potential, to use our life force for what it was intended – that is for creation.

The therapist is also naked during the massage?

Yes, for the same reasons as you are naked. Imaging receiving this wonderful massage, feeling totally relaxed and immersed in the moment of your bodily sensations and then feeling clothing brush against your skin - ups - not nice!

Also, both parties being naked, allows the full expression and flowing of energy in the chakras at both the giving and receiving end of the massage. Naked we are equal, it is our natural state. You will experience how relaxed we are with our bodies and this will also encourage you to be relaxed about your body. If you don't want this, please inform me, and we can discuss boundaries, no problem.

Is sex or sexual intercourse included?

No, the massage sessions does not involve sexual intercourse. We are working with sexual energy, intimacy and openness. Please note, we do not offer any sexual services. The massage is naturist and there will be body to body contact, but no actual sexual activity will take place.

You may experience sexual arousal and release, but this is not the purpose of the massage. You will remain the recipient throughout the experience. I may coach you on breathing to enhance the experience and to help you raise and direct your energy more consciously. You may be in contact with my body during the massage, but I will not perform any sexual act, e.g. oral sex. I will encourage you to keep your attention to yourself, your own body and your sensations, instead of directing it outwards, and to allow yourself to receive fully.

Can I touch the therapist during the massage?

No. We concentrate completely on you, any touching on your part will be a distraction to me and my energy. You remain in your own awareness and any activity on your part will also take you out of that. I will encourage you to keep your attention to yourself, your own body and your sensations, instead of directing it outwards, and to allow yourself to receive fully. I do not expect to be massaged or kissed or touched. However, having said that, there is occasion for "grounding with mother nature" when your hands get placed on the practitioners body to ground you with the female energy during the massage. Also during the lingam massage your hands are placed on the practitioner's legs to bond the energy and create an energy circuit.

What if I like it so much that I fall for you?

There is no harm in that. You will learn that it is not the practitioner that you are falling for but rather an aspect of yourself. This will help you to the self love that Existence requires of you and also in a real sense, to recognizing the goddess in every woman.

What if I am scared?

Despite all the sexy ads on TV and all the sex in movies, we live in a very sexually restrictive society. Very few people have received sound information from parents, friends or school on how to be a good lover or how to create intimacy. Often we do not learn how to communicate what we want in ways that keep the relationship going well.

It is quite natural to be scared learning something so intimate and precious, especially when we may have seen little evidence that relationships and sex can be as good as we dream. Tantra helps this learning process by showing how to communicate your concerns, proceeding slowly so you feel safe enough, and to become aware of your feelings and desires.

What is sexual healing?

Sexual healing is about releasing the negative energy which we store in our bodies that is associated with any sexual trauma or any damaging experiences of sex. The energy is then freed up for us to use in more positive ways. The process can be as simple as recognizing that we no longer need to defend against what happened in the past. It can also involve breath-work, emotional release, massage, and becoming aware of the areas of our body which are storing the experiences.

Is there place for ejaculation in this session?

Yes - when the moment comes it will be your decision. If you want to ejaculate I will not stop you but I want you to hold back as long as possible. I will help you with that. If you choose not to ejaculate, there is a wonderful breathing and muscle control technique that helps you to direct the energy far beyond the genitals and the urge to ejaculate will disappear. Sessions like these and some exercises at home could help you if you have problems with premature ejaculation. Please send me information about your wills about this topic, they will be welcome.

I suffer from premature ejaculation, can Tantra help me?

Yes. There are several Tantric exercises with therapeutic and healing purposes. Learning Tantra is the best remedy you can find for premature ejaculation. If you want to last longer in bed and also impress with your new found knowledge, then Tantra might be the best move you ever made in your life. You can learn how to prolong erection and how to control ejaculation.

I am not able to reach orgasm, can Tantra help?

Yes, for both, women and men. Tantra can teach you how to have extended, longer full body orgasms. There are powerful Tantric techniques that will help you have several mind-blowing orgasms, they are called multiple body orgasms. Every time you control your instinct to ejaculate, your will move toward a higher, more powerful orgasm. You can have as many orgasms as you want during the time you have set aside for this most pleasurable and enlightening experience.

My body is old and I'm fat - won't this be a problem for you?

Not at all -why should it be? We do not love your body or even you. We love Existence of which you are an expression, just the same as we are expressions of Existence, that which most people call God. This massage is an opportunity to overcome the kind of thinking that says this is not okay and that something else would be preferable. Particularly women are subject to this kind of negativism about themselves. Interestingly, this attitude affects all women. Hardly a woman does not have something of this - even the most beautiful often find something "wrong" and do not feel at home with themselves. Tantra Sacred Massage can heal these attitudes.

Do I have to have the lingam or yoni massage and the anal massage?

No. This is entirely up to you. Before the massage, we discuss what your motivation for the massage is and what you want or do not want. Your wish will be totally accepted. If your healing requires these massages, this will be suggested and discussed - however the decision is yours.

Does the massage take place on massage table or on a futon mat?

Both, on the massage table and on the floor as well. The choice is yours! You can even choose if I use the sarong or not. It's just up to you! There is less body to body contact on massage table. If it’s the first time massage, or you prefer, you can order this, please inform me by email or in the beginning of each of the sessions.

Can I choose to have a male or/and female therapist working with me?

Yes, you can. Please let us know your preference when you book your session.

Do I need to have a partner?

No. More than half of Tantra practices are solo ones. The others I will explain or demonstrate so that you will be familiar with them when you are with a partner.

As a woman can I have this massage with a woman without being gay? Do I not need a male to massage me?

Of course a woman can massage you without you needing to be homosexual. The exchange in this massage is love from the heart to the heart. It is not about sexual orientation and does not evoke sexual orientation. You will be encouraged to accept and love yourself and to find the lover within - whatever your sexual orientation. But if you prefer a Male Tantra Therapist, please inform us.

We are a couple. Should we come together to a couple's classes or rather individually to personal sessions?

Whether you come to a session together or individually is really up to you. If there are individual things you would like to work on, it would be better to come individually first and then together. Choose witch ones issues you want to learn, individuality classes is ideal for this.

If however the idea is to benefit as a couple, then it would be better to come together to a Life, love and intimacy. Part I - II couples classes where you work together as I guide you through the various rituals and aspects of the work.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by filling in the inquiry form and sending us an email. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. Apart from being a professional service, it is also highly intuitive work which requires verbal communication between client and therapist.

All that is needed is for you to be as honest as you can be with me about what you need and what you are searching for. The more I know about you, the more it enables me to plan the best experience possible. Ask yourself: Why are you coming to me? What are you hoping to learn and experience? It is my intention to teach in an educational yet fun and relaxed way, and initiate you into Tantra. Please inform me all your bondaires and wishes. Even what make you arousal, anything you want to share will be welcome!

What are your working hours?

Primarily between 9h-20h. Every day. But only by appointment.

Any more questions?

Please contact me with any other questions you might have and I will respond promptly.

The Magic Of Tantra

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