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Hegre Hidden Model, Identity is 100% protected

Hegre Hidden:

Natural, Naughty,
and Unknown

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“We’ll give you the chance to explore your sexual fantasies online”

Are you a model or athlete who wants to show your hot body to the camera but doesn’t want to risk losing your agency, clients, or job? Do you have erotic desires you’d like to express without anyone ever knowing it’s you? Are you a healthy and fit couple who wants to share your lust with the world? Well, now you can, securely and anonymously.

WE'RE PLEASED to announce our new concept: Hegre HIDDEN. If you meet the following qualifications, we’ll give you the chance to explore your sexual fantasies online, your identity will be 100% protected, and you’ll be paid generously with all travel and room expenses covered:

  • You are a Hegre-level model of natural beauty
  • You are between 18 and 28 years of age
  • You have never had nudes published of you before

If this is you, we urge you to apply. We will never show your face, we will cover up all small tattoos or revealing body marks, and you can choose an alias to appear under (your real name will never be revealed). You can pose naked, do an unforgettable solo show, give or receive a massage, or share your love as a couple with the world. And these naughty adventures will be your private secret forever.

So fill out your application form, submit and let’s do this. Natural, naughty, and unknown.