The Physics Of The Female Orgasm

September 13, 2016

Orgasms have never looked this good…

You’re about to watch four absolutely beautiful orgasms. And in a first, you’ll be watching them in an incredible 4k resolution. Yes, we’ve been shooting in 4k for a couple of years, but this is the first time it’s presented in 4k. This is a visual treat.

You’ll notice he doesn’t just get down to the action. The build up is slow. He massages her head, breasts, hands, legs and feet. He takes the time to get her in the mood; he awakens her senses. And you can see how much she loves it.

Then things get serious. Up first is a g-spot and clitoris combination that sends her wild. When she’s recovered a little, he moves to oral stimulation of her clit while finger teasing her anus. After coming again, she’s now in a very happy place. With his fingers, he then expertly stimulates her g-spot and anus together for a third climax. But this time he doesn’t give her a second to recover, following up with tongue on clit and finger in ass for a final, body-shaking orgasm.

So that’s how he does it. But what’s going on inside? What are the physics behind the female orgasm?

Well, as you pleasure her, the vagina wall starts to secrete lubricant. Blood rushes to her pelvic area. Her breathing quickens. Her heart starts pounding. And her nipples go hard. The lower part of her vagina narrows ready to grip a penis. She’s almost ready.

An incredible amount of tension builds up in her genitals, pelvis, ass and thighs. And then it’s the big bang. All that tension gets released in one torrent of pleasure. Her uterus, vagina and anus contract simultaneously at 0.8 second intervals. She’s now in the middle of the most pleasurable thing she knows: the female orgasm.

Inside her brain, most of her thinking has shut down. She’s focused. As she comes, oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) floods into her system, intensifying her contractions.

Finally, she begins to relax. Now she fears less. She trusts you more. And she feels more connected with you than before you started to get down to it.

So as you watch her, keep all this intense internal activity in mind. Or just get lost in her gorgeous moans, like we did…

  • Runtime: 32:18 Minutes
  • Format:
    • 4K Ultra HD 2160p (1.6 GB)
    • Full HD 1080p (854 MB)
    • HD 720p (354 MB)

Members' Comments

She's even more beautiful at 4k.
Where can I get that chair?
Need for Variety
Can we have some real erotic hardcore fucking. That will be really great
A little Jealous
After I go to over the jealousy I began to enjoy it. I wont tell you your job, but you always leave us (me) hanging on for more! Deffo the best site on the internet and don't begrudge paying. But do need to see some new exciting, various alternatives, to keep me paying!
Shame no sector him
He should have been allowed to fuck her after giving her so much pleasure
Some stuff in her hands ;)
Charlotta is always wonderful, but I think she does her best when performs massages with some stuff in her hands or when she take it near her beautiful lips ;) Unforunately she's never online in the chatroom. Thank you Petter for 4K resolution.
Orgasm physics
Wonderful physiology, and 5-star anatomy! Not sure there was much physics on show, not like I remember from school anyway! I obviously went to the wrong school!! Or was I asleep in that lesson? Dammit!
4K grandiose !!!
C'est la première fois que je vois un film en 4k et c'est terrible! surtout avec Charlotta qui est ma modèle préférée :-) et puis quand elle se fait lécher...hummmmm
Awesome performance!!!
Please explain what 4K is all about. The clip looked like it always does.
RE: Awesome performance!!!
You need a 4K monitor or TV to see the difference.
Nice movie, but that's pretty much the same stuff we get to see in most of the latest massage films. You should bring something new!
The heated passion in your body is a great joy to see. You are a beautiful and well skilled masseuse. I love to see you more often. With such passion in your body I love to see you explore and evolve. Many thank .
4K: Great Quality indeed! This is a step I’ve been hoping and waiting for for a while now, especially after noticing the camera you are using. I know not doing this earlier is a matter of server capacity and bandwidth. Now that we are there, maybe you can also slowly release the 4k Versions of older Videos like 1-2 per month or something…? The massage: I’m not really into Charlotta (no offense) but i love slow and detailed massages. Grete idea and nicely done!
Awesome film, awesome picture quality
Charlotta is such a sensual creature and she achieves the most gorgeous orgasms in this film. Love it. (She is turning into a real Hegre legend, imo.) But watching her in 4k is taking it to another level. Simply beautiful. More 4k please.
Please show her returning the favor on him
RE: Great
Agree with you
RE: Great
Agree with you ;)
Not physics.....beautiful physiology!!!!
Charlotta, you are more beautiful with every passing day...and more sensual! You glisten for the camera!
great work
I love it. Every second, especial the new quality with 4K! PLEASE MORE
RE: great work
Totally agree Fizzy. More 4k please Hegre. We want to see every little detail in ultra high definition...
4K Ultra HD 2160p The Most Clear And Sharp In-Focus And Close-Up Image!
4K Ultra HD 2160p The Most Clear And Sharp In-Focus And Close-Up Images Of Video Of The Physics Of The Female Orgasm ! Please Continue To Have 4K Ultra HD 2160p Production Of All Future Videos Of Your Site ! Thank You For Your Contribution !
CHARLOTTA makes this an interesting video, despite the man's indifferent performance. IDEA FOR A FUTURE VIDEO: A shower room scene in which 6 fully nude Women are rained down upon with massage oil, showing their glistening bodies to fine effect under soft and clear lighting. Thus covered in shiny oil, these Women proceeded to frolic, touch, and passionately embrace one another. (Suggested models: JULIA, EVA, MARGOT, FLORA, VALERIE & SERENA L.) That, Hegre, would be a truly fantastic 20-25 minute erotic video.
Juste sublime ! J'adore la voir jouir...encore encore Bravo !!!!
wow! this is mindblowing quality!! more like this!!!
Yes!!!! Great! More please!