Ecstatic Erotic Massage

December 19, 2017

Film can do many things, but one of its greatest gifts is the power of intimacy. It can take you somewhere so personal that you almost feel like you’re living inside the motion. And some films can be so intimate it feels even more real than reality itself.

This is such a film. A clean white bed sits amidst whispering palms in a tropical paradise. The couple enters, naked. They touch foreheads, she sits in his lap, he lies on top of her. Then he begins to oil her body and fully explore her sensual openness.

And the intimacy grows deeper and deeper. It takes your breath away. She gasps, he probes, he rubs, she quivers. And near the end, the female model even loses control, steps out of script, and reaches for her partner’s throbbing, erect member. She was supposed to be a passive receiver, but things happen…

And that’s just how real and genuine this film is. And we are there for the entire journey, from initial calm embrace to wild thrusting orgasm. It is truly an amazing encounter: two beautiful people going to heaven together. And you get to come along.

  • Runtime: 50:27 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Serena please
Would have been so much hotter with Serena. Those two had real chemistry. She wouldn’t have turned her head away twice.
Please redo this video with Charlotta & Mira instead
It would be explosive!
To be so sweetly pleasured while that beautiful, perfect penis caresses my face would truly be heaven on earth. I wouldn't have been able to resist touching it either. Just look at it. Ideal from shaft to tip. A hard penis right my face is a huge weakness for me, especially still sheathed like that. Absolutely intoxicating. I don't think I could have let him get away without an orgasm though.
Beautiful how Mira interacts with Alex the lovely touches and how she curls herself in enjoying positions. Excellent lightning and camera work.
Please show more touching from the girl and him cumming. Didn't like it... it was incomplete.
That pussy!
Oh my! Very erotic! How much would I love to massage and kiss that beautiful pussy of Mira's!
One way crap
Use a professional female masseuse, with a different male . Same thing over and over...
Nice..but one way !
But his dick is screaming "take me in your mouth" and he goes to bed without any payoff. Would have been nice...
part 2?
so is there a part 2 with her massaging him? just saying looked like it was heading in that direction.
Mira & Alex
Alex le pone su pene sobre la cara a Mira durante buena parte del masaje, pero ella se niega a ponerselo en la boca, seguramente le pareció muy audaz, sólo se la menea un poco al final de la tarea, muy desigual el placer q obtienen uno, y otro...
Very nice mutual satisfaction. She is beautiful and willing. Maybe Ariel will also do the same with Alex as I know she was there and loves his mouth on her pussy. We'll have to see how far she goes!
MIra was probably scare of Alex big member , she merely touch it , not even give it a lick...
Like others, I would love to see him get some pleasure, including getting off. I did love seeing his penis get hard while rubbing against her face. As a straight guy, I must admit... I admire his gorgeous cock.
She is super natural in the way she responds to the massage! I love it!
Highly erotic
Mira and Alex both did an amazing job on this one. It was incredible to see how Mira's sexual energy kept building with each release until she finally had to reach out and touch Alex back. Simply fantastic! Beautiful location, too! I wish I knew where that is so I can plan a vacation.
Why not more Mituality
I loved the emotional and sensual connectoon incorporated at the beginning and ending of this video. Why do you not carry the mutual gratification all the way from beginning to the end? Why such focus on unidirectional performance? You r skill in bringing emotion to video is unmatched. The beauty of human fulfillment is enhanced by mutual, simultaneous fulfillment . Why do you not bring more of it into you film efforts? Please give it some thought.
Marvelous Mira
It was a very erotic video; especially as there were other people walking around on the beach and near their bed. Mira had at least 2-3 orgasms there and Alex did a great job of working her up. The only thing disappointing was once she went off script and started rubbing him it should have been allowed to progress to its natural conclusion, allowing Alex to get off as well.
well done very erotic but nothing happening with Alex ( disapointing ) Would have been super with a double mutual masterbation as a finishing !!
Super sexy. I loved her gorgeous pussy with those large inner labia. And oh God, those cone-shaped breasts were divine. I almost came in my pants as she brought herself to an orgasm while Alex finger fucked her. Very hot
Bad end
What an erotic video! But it is frustrating : the guy should have cum on her at the end. Poor him.
RE: Bad end
Couldn't agree more!
Mira is lovely - a real find. She has a pussy that dreams are made of. A gorgeous woman. Alex is too robotic - no passion. He's like a technician doing his job. I think the guy needs to have passion too.
One-sided affair
A beautiful film but totally one-sided. The girl was given at least two orgasms if not more, in the end she touched the guy´s penis for one minute, that´s all. 50 minutes´ time would have allowed showing mutual pleasure. Does it make sense to travel that far and then leave the filming half-way? Disappointing!
RE: One-sided affair
I agree with this and the other comments - she should have worked his cock much longer until he came.
ecstatic massage
Very, very, very erotic video. Lucky Alex!