Mutual Lesbian Tantra Massage

November 7, 2017

There’s an almost celestial power that occurs when two women become sexual with each other. Perhaps the lack of phallus brings about a fantasy state that is more powerful than reality. Perhaps nature is seducing them to fulfil their ancient sisterly purpose.

Be that as it may, what you get in this video is mythic in scope. Amidst glowing candles and tomb-like walls, our models strip down and begin the pleasure rituals. No desire is left unexplored.

One of our Goddesses is experienced, and the other is more virginal, and fumbles nervous but excited. In this mentor/student scenario, the knowledge is primal and intense. When Gia performs cunnilingus for her first time, the genuine emotions that burst forth will leave you shaking.

Let’s face it – women know each other in a way that is more intimate than any man can ever know them. And that intimacy breeds knowledge. And that knowledge breeds discoveries of Tantric passion unparalleled.

So you’re invited, but you only get to watch. Our guess is you won’t complain.

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Members' Comments

Had to return for a second look. Charlotta really showed her vulnerability and softness while Gia was gently stroking her clitoris and labia with great precision. I know Charlotta had more that one orgasm and would liked to have seen the love nectar. On another note , Gia performed the art of cunnilingus beautifully. Gently, slowly, and with a deliberate purpose to make Charlotta climax. Bravo to these two gorgeous ladies. Maybe shortly we will see a video of Gia demonstrating her fellatio techniques. :-)
Big fan of Gia!!
Would love to see her in more videos, with guys too
I just love the sounds of a wet vagina being rubbed along with the sounds of pleasure from a woman.
Great complicity, great sensuality, beautiful orgasms.
Hey guys.............If you want to really learn how to pleasure a woman orally just watch tow women enjoying each other. Now, on another note, a video with these two lovelies doing 69 , sixty nine, 69, sixty nine, 69, sixty nine, 69 , sixty nine, 69, sixty nine, 69, sixty nine, 69 , sixty nine, 69, sixty nine, 69, sixty nine, 69 , sixty nine, 69, sixty nine, 69, sixty nine. Get the idea Peter? lol
Sapphic Bliss Writ Large (CHARLOTTA & GIA)
CHARLOTTA & GIA displayed an easy and relaxed rapport towards each other. On the whole, this was a bewitching and subtly erotic video. I very much enjoyed watching it, only wishing it were longer so as to witness both women tribbing unabashedly.
Gia first itme and
Far too stage and not in a real teacher student feel to it ...that one was basically a pussy F and one was a tongue clit F give them credit that woman do have two paths to the promise land. With the massage lead in was expecting a much more intense ending. The into though was a bit offensive to suggest that no man can really give any woman pleasure orally or manually is rubbish. The only problem of men is taking the time for my wife nothing gets her to the promise land better than oral followed by cock and yes she did the other side before we hook up. As far as the Flora comments 100% always felt she is the best model on the site by far...her orgasms you can tell by her body tense
Beautiful film
This film was like a beautiful window into a very private moment. I absolutely loved it. The girls are doing what they want and the photography is secondary. The critical comments on this film are bizarre and come from a lack of understanding what they are watching. This is not porn, there is no direction. Take it for what it is and enjoy. Two beautiful women enjoying each other. We are all very lucky to have witnessed it.
RE: Beautiful film
Windy001, very well said !!
Love Charlotte and Gia. Beautifully done. I like the fact that it's not a 100 percent lesbian hard core porn style and instead stays as a massage, since neither one is 100 percent lesbian. Their personalities are what makes them so exciting.
Very good start for Gia
and Charlotta , is always hot, hope Gia gets more massage videos, with Serena or Flora.
very hot
love this video - would have loved to see more oral, and 69 would have been so hot....thanks!
Well, that was very much worth the wait! (am I the only one who didn't see this go up at the usual time?) Only thing I might have added would have been a nice long lip lock at the end!
Woman & Woman, better than Fake simulated sex with Man & Woman
What a relaxing and great setting to just watch the perfect curves of these ladies. Better to have two hot women playing with each other than a fake simulated sex with soft cocks in fake poses. This was very classy.
Mutual Massage
I was sort of hoping we had moved beyond the girl on girl massage. Beautiful women but nothing new, we've seen it all before. Kind of boring.
I like the subtle expressions on Charlotta's face as Gia gets intimate with her.
Charlotta & Gia
Nace una estrella, y esa es Gia, con el cunninlingus del final le gana 3 orgasmos a 2 la partida a Charlotta, y está con toda su picardía le señala con el dedo adonde tiene q lamerla para hacerla acabar. Apoteósico final..
Their nude embracing scenes are beautiful, they are really enjoying each other's company. Charlotta looks amazing as always, he pussy is sublime. Well done to Gia for giving it lots of loving attention. Two hot ladies on display here. Can't ask for much more (except maybe more anus time maybe).
Charlotta & Gia
Mi deseo de ver a la Polaca gloriosa en una sesión en pareja se cumplió en pocos días...Gracias Peter
Girls and eroticism
While it is all very nice to see a girl having her pussy played with, I found this film very boring and not at all erotic. Both girls are beautiful but it would have been more erotic if one of the players was a man. I was hoping that Flora would appear today as she has made a recent comeback to the site and looks more beautiful than ever. She has made some amazingly erotic videos and should now be moving on to seriously erotic performances including penetration /fucking. It is noticible that the films that show male/female interaction (genuine fucking) attract the most comments. That’s not to stay a porn film but one that Hegre does so well ... love making ......that both models obviously are enjoying.
RE: Girls and eroticism
Let's give these young lady's their due on the thread celebrating them. (100% agreement with you re: Flora.)
RE: Girls and eroticism
I agree with Busy Bee. Why hasn't the returned Flora yet appeared in a film/video?. She has the beauty and talent. And heterosexual nude encounters are, for me, preferable to all-female presentations. Even so, although this video was initially rather too slow and repetitive, it was well done eventually.
Excellent !! These are two of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. They are very comfortable together. Very intimate and erotic video !! These two have the potential to make the most erotic and exciting videos on the net !! Charlotta is the ultimate!! For a new model, Gia is on her way to stardom !! Please let them develop their friendship and make more videos !! Thank You
Woman/man combination next
Nice film, but I don´t know about tantric - is it always tantric if the movements are slow and avoid getting to the point? Anyway, this is on the right track, next we want to see oral pleasure between woman and man - first the woman as it shall always be ladies first. then the man.
Two Fine Ladies
That was very enjoyable to watch. Charlotta and Gia perform beautifully. Would like to see more mutual (69) cunnilingus from these two ladies. If this was Gia's first time eating at the "Y" she catches on extremely well. But then of course look who her teacher is. :-)
nice shaved... beautiful
wonderful film and pretty girls, nice shaved opening on her, thanks for great film