Elly Profile

Name: Elly
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 57kg
Height: 182cm
Born: November, 1974
Occupation: Model

Runway Veteran

Elly is living proof that modeling is not always fun and games.

AN EXPERIENCED catwalk performer, Elly did extensive work out of Milan and Paris for years before running across Petter in Cape Town late one evening. Having never before done nudes, and always attracted to new experiences, Elly quickly agreed to a photo shoot.

Sensing a little something extra in this particular woman, Petter planned something truly special for Elly. Flying into the bush of Zimbabwe in a bumpy eight seat prop plane, Petter armed himself with a Hasselblad in one hand and a 44 Magnum in the other to protect Elly and himself from the Leopards and Lions that were roaming nearby. It was a memorable session for all.

Elly carried on throughout the shoot like the trooper she is and walked away at the end of the day with sigh of relief and a smile on her face.

Elly Zimbabwe Delta January 9th, 2007
A truly beautiful model. It's a shame that she has a face like a smacked arse. It'a a beautiful face - she just seems to give the impression that she doesn't really want to be in front of the camera and that we are truly priveleged to be allowed to look at her. I've still kept a selection of her efforts, though...
Pet Peeve
Love this model. But all these sets play to my pet peeve about outdoor shoots . . . too often they fail to show close-ups. I would have loved to see some close-ups of that gorgeous face and those deeply moving eyes.
These pictures tell a story. Nude photography doesn't get any better. Beauty, longing, grace, desire. First there was Helmut Newton, then there was Hegre. Outstanding, awesome.
Another beautiful ex runway model. They just seem to get better with age.
beautiful landscape for a beautiful model.
She the most beautiful model!!!
Elly is so beautiful! I am so glad to see more of her!! 5 of 5 stars! She is an angel that has beauty beyond words. She is my favorite model! I hope to see more of Elly in the future!! :-) :-)
She is a goddess. It is all I am able to say. Beautiful, perfect proportions and...those eyes with such an interesting look!
Beautiful photography of a wonderful subject.
What a great idea to photograph this girl on this "river" location, the light fits perfectly, she is amazing! I enjoy the overall atmosphere of this gallery.
Elly flowing water August 7th, 2006
May Rhodesia never die.
I agree with randy about the effective use of the relatively grey setting to amplify Elly in this series. This is a critical part of the composition. The flowing water and the natural background make for a very busy picture, but because of this ‘greyness’ Elly stands out, even if she is relatively small in comparison. The most erotic photos IMHO are on page two where the water comes to her waist as if she were wearing a pair of super-low cut jeans. The early portion of that sequence lets us focus on her lovely face and awesome tits. Here Elly’s large and swollem areola send out a strong and immediate signal of sexual desire. And then, as she moves through the stream, the water covers less and less; a professional stripper would be jealous of such an effective, slow, and natural revealing of her pubis. Some photosets make you want to jump up and yell; this one has you sitting back with a warm smile and a pleseant sigh.
Elly flowing water
Flowing water for Elly's long legs is a great setting! The grey day adds a sculptural quality to the set. It's too bad Elly is shy, because it would have been fabulous to see the water flow between her long thighs had she been standing a little more out of the water on page 2. In fact in all her sets we never see her full frontal--as Carre would say, "inventory"-- to see those long legs and space between her thighs.
She has overwhelming beauty!!
It is so good to see more pictures of Elly!! She looks amazing is this series! Her beauty is a euphoric dream to me! I wish I could be beside her watching a sunset... She is truly amazing. I really want to tell her that. Petter, you did a superb job photographing Elly! :-) :-) :-)
Elly rock climber July 14th, 2006
Appears to have the right ingredients... but the jury is stil out, for me. I would need to see a lot more of Elly in order to form a 'firm' opinion.
Elly is an Angel!!
It is so good to see more of Elly! She is so beautiful and looks like an angel! I wish I could tell her that! Elly is my favorite model on Hegre.com! She is a 20 out of 10!!!!!!!
elly on the rocks
page 1 pic 2 is a 9 but... page 4 row 2 pic1 what an inspired piece of photography.. the hands are beautiful.. the face and hair is a delicate blend of beauty and strength.. the model oh yeah certainly one to make an aphrodite jealous... and i'd like to be her personal trainer may be tone her thighs just a bit and work her abs but alas im not great job bringing this work to the galeries
Elly bath in the bush June 22nd, 2006
Elly I am available to take you to dinner any night next week at the Ivy in London!
Elly Zulu warrior May 9th, 2006
Why not more of Elly. Her face is STUNNING!!! Her EXPRESSIONS!!!
Beauriful Elly!
Elly is a natural beauty! You can sense the intensity as she stares into the camera with those amazing eyes! She is looking into your soul! She is an incredible woman!
Outstanding! I hope you have more of this superb woman!
Elly again is extremly beautiful!!
I am so glad you are taking more photographs of Elly!! I saw her appear today and I got butterflies that I could see more of this angel!! You pictures are incredible Petter!! I wonder if you could get some of Elly laying down. I again am very pleased to see more of my favorite model Elly!
stunning athletic body.