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Sollten Sie eine Frage haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen einen Blick in unsere Wissensdatenbank zu werfen, um Antworten auf die am häufigsten gestellten Fragen auf dieser Seite zu finden.

Wenn Ihre Frage dennoch nicht beantwortet sein sollte, fordern Sie gerne ein support ticket an und einer unserer Experten wird sich mit Ihnen innerhalb von 24 Stunden in Verbindung setzen.

NB! Die Kündigung der Mitgliedschaft muss innerhalb von 72 Stunden vor der erneuten Rechnungsstellung bei uns eingehen. (Die Mitgliedschaft ist weiterhin gültig bis zum Ablauf des bezahlten Zeitraums).

Wenn Sie Ihr Passwort vergessen haben, können Sie dieses sofort erneut per E-Mail unter email hereanfordern.

How do I enable cookies in my web browser? (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

hegre-art.com uses cookies to keep you logged in.

If your cookies are disabled, we won't be able to log you into your account.

How to enable or allow cookies varies by which browser you're using. Find your browser below to learn how to quickly enable cookies!

If you're unsure of which browser you're using, please click here!

Problems playing the films? (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

Problems playing/streaming the films live online? here is a little user guide that might help you to download them to your computer:

Here’s how to download the movies. First, you have to decide which file format you want to use. If you have Windows Media Player, choose Windows WMV. If you have Quicktime, choose MacIntosh MOV. Second, put your cursor over the blue MB number next to the file format you have chosen. If you are using a PC, right click on the mouse and then choose “Save File As” and save the file to your hard drive. If you are using a Mac, click on the mouse while holding down the control button and choose “Download Link to Disk.” Third, with both a PC and a Mac, choose the destination on your hard-drive and then click “Save.” Finally, open your movie viewer, then open the file thru the movie viewer and enjoy! 

If you do not have a movie viewer on your computer, you can download one by clicking on one of the links below:

Windows mediaplayer:



Log-in Problems (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

I get the message "Authorization Required" if I try to log in!
Please keep in mind that username and password are caSe sEnsiTivE!

Please note that:
user: "joHn" - password: "DoE"
is NOT the same as:
user: "john" - password: "doe"
Please type in the codes exactly as they were sent to you by e-mail upon your sign-up.

Disable anonymizing software and do not use anonymizing URLs. Disable programs such as: Norton Internet Security or Atguard Privacy Software or Safeweb. They might be considered hostile by the server's security.

If you surf via a proxy server, use this link to login:  http://auth.hegre-art.com

Viewing the Photos (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

Why do photos have a poor, pixelated or compressed look?
Use the correct "Color Depth" Please set your color settings to 24 or 32 bits. 
To change this settings:

Windows PC: [Control Panel] => [choose Display] => [click Settings] and set video card to the highest possible color depth (24 or 32 bits).
De-activate "Image Compression"
Some Browsers and have a feature that will automatically resize larger images to fit the screen or speed up download time. The result is that the images look ugly. You should de-activate this feature !!!

Internet Explorer: [click Internet Options] => [Advanced] => [Multimedia] => [un-check "automatic image resizing"]

The video content on the site loads slowly; how do I play it directly from my hard drive? (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

Normally our movies loads super fast as they are served from a global CDN network of servers. But if you have slow internet lines or for some other reason experience slow downloads, to save the file in a specific place (such as your desktop or another folder), right-click on the appropriate file format link and choose the "Save Target As ..." option (This is the same as the "Save Link As..." option in Firefox). Then name the file and save it to your hard drive as usual. On an Apple computer, hold down "Ctrl" and click the appropriate file format link, then choose "Download link to disk." You will now be able to retrieve and play the file at any time from the location selected on your computer.

Why do I receive the error "Page Cannot be Displayed"? (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

This error typically involved Internet Connectivity issues in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

For help troubleshooting this error in your Internet Explorer web browser, please visit the following Microsoft support page:


Downloading Zip Files (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

How do I download and extract the zip files?

Windows PC: [right click on the mouse] => [choose "Save File As"]

Mac: [click on the mouse while holding down the control button] => [coose "Download Link to Disk"] 
[choose the destination on your hard-drive] => [click "Save"]
[open the .zip file] => [extract the content to your desired destination]

No software to open zip files?

For Windows: http://www.winzip.com
For Mac: http://www.stuffit.com

Problems downloading / extracting zip files?
A common problem (empty zip files, etc.) is the local firewall (hardware / software). Check the settings and allow zip files being downloadable!

Also check your browser settings (security) if you still have problems.

How do I update my QuickTime Media Player to the most recent version? (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

For instructions on how to do this, click on the following link:


I have misplaced my log-in information to the site; how do I retrieve it? (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

You may visit retrieve your login info instant at any time on this link:

You may contact Support at any time. We are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-days a year.

When sending email requests please provide as much information as possible, e.g., subscription ID number, e-mail address, username, last name, and ZIP code.

How do I update my Windows Media Player to the most recent version? (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

For instructions on how to do this, click on the following link:


Why don't I see the latest updates? (Proxy Servers) (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

The problem with proxy servers is that they store content to speed up download speed. This can be a be a problem on frequently updated sites like hegre-art.com. You should surf without proxy servers because you might not get the latest updates otherwise.

To disable on Windows PC's:
click [Start] => [Control Panel] => [Connections] => [LAN settings] => [disable any checked feature] => [restart the computer]

Movies for iPod & iPhone (Zurück zu Troubleshooting ↑)

First you have to download the complete movie to your harddrive (make sure you have chosen the iPod/iPone version of the movie that is named .m4v at end of the filename)

Start iTunes. If you have an outdated version of iTunes installed or one without movie support, upgrade to a newer one, we recommend the current version (iTunes 7.7) Download is available here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

After that, you should see 6 items at the "Media-Library", Music, Movies, TV, Podcasts.... and so on. If you let iTunes manage the movies on your iPod you only have to "drag and drop" the downloaded movie-file into the Movies-Section of your Media-Library. Click on that section afterwards, to proof if the movie is there. Now press "Synchronize" and the movie will be transferred onto your iPod. If you manage the iPod-movies on your own, you have different possibilities to get the movie-file working. The easiest way is to "drag and drop" the downloaded movie into the Movies-area in your "Devices"-section (Your iPod has to be already connected to your PC/Mac for this). Just to let you know, not all iPod's have the possibility for a movie-playback with the default-firmware. iTunes let you update this firmware very easy at the "Devices"-section. Some iPod's are also not designed for movie-playback (although they maybe have enough resolution and colors).

Alternatively you can surf the iPhone / iPod touch optimized version of http://hegre-art.comat http://ihegre.com and play the movies direct there. Your hegre-art.com membership's username and password is valid on ihegre.com as well :)

Can i really download all your photos and movies for just $29.95? (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

YES! You will receive a username and password that will grant you access http://hegre-art.comand http://ihegre.com. Your membership will allow you to access ALL content and features on both sites. There are no hidden or additional charges.

If you use a download manager, please configure it to open max 2-3 connections to the server(s) at the same time as automatic downloaders might reduces the server speed and negatively affects users' ability to surf the site.

NOTE! Files may be saved on personal hard-disk only. Sharing the content is illegal and a crime.

How to claim the free DVD that comes with the annual membership. (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

Note! If you have signed up for the annual subscription and wish to receive the free dvd, please fill in the form on this page: http://www.hegre-art.com/dvd
If you do not claim the dvd, we will NOT send anything to your mailbox.

Will hegre-art.com ever send mail to my home address provided upon sign-up? (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

Hegre-art.com will never send physical mail to your home. You are asked to provide your billing address only to verify that you are in fact the authorized card holder intent on creating the purchase. All correspondence from hegre-art.com will be relayed via email.

If you purchase a annual membership and contact us to receive the free DVD this will be shipped to your home address in a neutral envelope. But note, this is optional and nothing will be sent without you contacting us telling us to send it.

How do i contact Epoch? (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

EPOCH.COM is the second Payment Processor and Access Management Provider for www.Hegre-Art.com. Based in California, it is one of the most safe and reliable transaction companies in the world. If you were billed by Epoch.com you can contact them here:

800-893-8871 (U.S.)
+1 310 827 9939 (International)
E-mail address: billing@epoch.com 


Please visit Epoch.com that are our authorized E-ticker, sales agent, and access manager provider.

Problems receiving emails from hegre-art.com (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

1. Choose "Options" at the upper right of your inbox screen.
2. Choose the first mail option, "Junk E-Mail Protection".
3. Choose the link, "Safe List". 
4. Type "hegre-art.com" in the address box. 
5. Click the Add button. 

Yahoo! Mail
1. From your Inbox, select "Add Contact" from the "Addresses" pull-down menu.
2. Fill out the "Email" field with the email address from which you'd like to receive mail.
3. Choose "Save", then "Done."
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the following email addresses:

America Online (AOL)
1. In your AOL Mailbox, choose the Mail Tab menu, then select "Address Book."
2. Choose "Add Icon," which is located at the bottom of the pop-up window. 
3. Fill out the "Other - Email" field with the email address from which you'd like to receive mail.
4. Click the "Primary Email" box. 
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for these email addresses:

Microsoft Network
1. Choose the "Junk E-mail" link at the bottom left of your inbox. 
2. Select the third Guard Settings link: "Safe List". 
3. Enter the email address from which you'd like to receive mail in the "Email" field of the pop-up window. 
4. Click Save.
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the following email addresses:

Microsoft Outlook
1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click Junk E-mail. 
3. Click the Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab.
4. Click Add.
5. Type adultfriendfinder.com in the address box.
6. Click the OK button. 

Other ISPs
1. Add the following addresses to any address books or safe lists with your email service provider:

2. It's a good idea to routinely check your spam, junk and blocked email folders to see if any Hegre-Art.com messages were routed there by mistake. 

How do i contact ClickandBuy? (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

New to ClickandBuy?

If you are facing difficulties with the registration, or you would like to receive more information:https://eu.clickandbuy.com/cgi-bin/clicknbuy-service.pl?mode=cms&_show=customercare&Land=NO〈=en

Already a Clickandbuy Customer?

If you already have a ClickandBuy account, please click here: https://eu.clickandbuy.com/cgi-bin/clicknbuy-service.pl?_go=customercare&Land=NO〈=en

What is my IP address? (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical identification and logical address that is assigned to devices on the internet. Hegre-Art.com receives and stores certain information whenever you access Web pages, send us e-mail, or fill out our forms. The numerical IP address assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider is part of the information that we collect.

Though hegre-art.com is unable to assist you in tracing the location or source of any particular IP address, you may find some valuable information regarding any IP inquiry here -http://returnmyip.com/

How do i contact CCbill (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

CCBill, LLC is the designated Payment Processor and Access Management Provider forwww.Hegre-Art.com. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, it is one of the most safe and reliable transaction companies in the world. To get information about your membership status or make inquiries about your transaction, please contact them:

888 906 0666 (U.S.)
+1 888 596 9279 (International)
E-mail address: support@ccbill.com 

How do i contact Commercegate? (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

CommerceGate.com is the third Payment Processor and Access Management Provider forwww.Hegre-Art.com. Based in Barcelona Spain, it is one of the most safe and reliable transaction companies in the world. If you were billed by CommerceGate.com, click here for customer service.

212 796 0771 (U.S.)
+34 902 010 237 (International)
E-mail address: support@cgbilling.com 

How can I contact Hegre-Art.com (Zurück zu Miscellaneous ↑)

We would love to hear from you!

co/Ocinum Lda
Rua das Hortas, nr. 55 Loja T
9050-024 Funchal
Madeira, Portugal


submit a support ticket

For what reasons would my bank decline my purchase? (Zurück zu Sign Up ↑)

The following are common error messages you might receive if your bank or credit card company declines authorization for payment. Please be advised that approvals and errors are issued by the Banking Network; they are not controlled by CCBill/Epoch/Commercegate/ClicknBuy. You might consider re-submitting your payment using an alternate form of billing to successfully create a subscription.

Some of the most frequent decline reasons are:

Invalid Card: Please do not put any spaces between the card numbers when entering them into the field. Also, be sure to input the correct CVV2 number (the last 3 numbers shown on the back side of your credit card).

Pick Up Card: This credit card has been reported as lost or stolen. Please contact your bank or financial institution immediately regarding this decline.

Service Not Available: Validation has been requested from your bank or financial institution and they have denied authorization for this purchase. Please contact your bank or financial institution for further information.

Sale Declined by Credit Card Network: The Banking Network rejected the sale. Try using the card again later. Blocks by the Banking Network are usually resolved within 24 hours.

For what reasons would CCBill, Epoch, Commercegate or ClicknBuy decline my purchase? (Zurück zu Sign Up ↑)

The following are common error messages you might receive if the credit card processors has declined your credit card purchase:

Multiple Submission Attempts: You are being declined due to a series of recent attempted transactions using the same credit card processor. This block might continue for up to 30 days from your last attempted transaction.

Bank Bin# Blocked: We currently do not process transactions from banks within this region due to the possibility of high-risk chargeback disputes.

Card Declined at Pre-Authorization: This credit card has been rejected. It is considered high-risk based on address verification, usage patterns and history. A history of chargeback disputes and refund requests does result in a credit card being blocked for many Internet sales. 

Invalid Fields: A card number or type of card that is not supported or other invalid information has been submitted.

How do I cancel a subscription? (Zurück zu Subscription Management ↑)

here are several ways to cancel a subscription with hegre-art.com. Please feel free to choose the one that is most convenient for you:

Go to http://www.newnudecash.com/cancel/index.php?csid=1
fill inn either your username OR subscription id AND password OR email address and hit "cancel membership".

Submit a support ticket at: http://www.hegre-art.com/support/new-ticket

When sending email requests please provide as much information as possible, e.g., subscription ID number, e-mail address, username, last name, and ZIP code.

NB! Membership cancellations must be submitted within 72 before a scheduled rebill (The membership will still be valid for the rest of the paid for period)

If I cancel my subscription will my access to the website immediately expire? (Zurück zu Subscription Management ↑)

Canceling a subscription will not immediately remove your access to the webpage. Regardless of what time you cancel, you will still have access to the site until the end of the most recent term that has been paid for.

When must my membership be canceled to avoid a recurring charge? (Zurück zu Subscription Management ↑)

You must cancel your recurring membership a full 72 hours prior to the end of the initial billing period in order to cancel automatic renewal and avoid an additional charge. You can cancel your subscription on this page: http://www.newnudecash.com/cancel/index.php?csid=1

What is meant by the term "Recurring Billing"? (Zurück zu Billing ↑)

Memberships with recurring billing have subscription fees that are automatically renewed at the end of the original term selected, for a similar period of time, unless notice is received from the subscriber 72 hours prior to the end of the initial billing period in order to cancel automatic renewal.

Why has my subscription "failed to rebill"? (Zurück zu Billing ↑)

There are several reasons why a subscription may fail to rebill: 

There are insufficient funds in the account.
Our system was unable to locate the account.
The bank or credit card company has declined the rebill attempt.
Your subscription has been cancelled and no further rebill attempts will be made. 

What is the refund policy for subscription purchases at hegre-art.com? (Zurück zu Billing ↑)

When you request a termination of your membership, subscription fees are NOT refundable. Subscribers are liable for all charges incurred by them until termination of service. Should a refund be issued by hegre-art.com, all refunds will be credited solely to the payment method used in the original transaction. Hegre-art.com will not issue refunds by cash, check, or to another credit card or payment mechanism.

How long does it take for a credited transaction to post back to my account? (Zurück zu Billing ↑)

It typically takes the banking system 7 to 10 days to return credited funds back to your account. Please understand that hegre-art.com has no ability to hasten this process. You are responsible for any charges imposed by your credit card issuing bank for exceeding your account limits or overdrawing your account.

How will the charge for my purchase appear on my statement? (Zurück zu Billing ↑)

All subscription purchases will appear discretely as CCBill.com / CCBillEU / Epoch / Commercegate/SegPay or ClicknBuy along with a toll-free customer support phone number for any questions or concerns. On the hegre-art.com sign-up page you will find the exact item descriptor that will appear on your statement for the particular credit card processor.


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