Candice Caprice Valerie Threesome

August 26, 2014
Three in a bed

One smoking hot experience

This film is intimate. It’s raw. And it’s sexually charged – like making love in a thunderstorm. So get ready for something special. This is no ordinary film. Watch not one, not two, but three naked girls exploring each other’s mouth-watering bodies.

As they get ready in front of the bathroom mirror, the urge to touch each other is just too strong. Before they know what’s happening they’re in bed, touching, caressing, kissing and pleasuring each other.

Words do not do this movie justice. Just watch it now.

  • Runtime: 12:54 Minutes
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Members' Comments

The camera switches far too often. It makes for a choppy feel to the film and is very distracting.
C C V Threesome
Maybe next time they can begin with the cleansing first and then move on to the finer things. Not that I am complaining because it was awesome. It would be a dream of dreams to be able to join them.
Dreams come true at Hegre
Although my sexy collection is probably best described as a miniature infinity having been amassed over a 15 year period or even longer in the case of mail order dvds,there has often been a sense of incompleteness,in too few ebony beauties,and even less in Japanese beauties,that deficit has been more than made up for in the past 10 days.And even a babe from Peru! Hey! A wonderland at Hegre art. Thanks be!
Also plays an excellent part in this fantastic show,which,for my part,is not only the height of eroticism,but also the length and breadth of is as well. Three delicious hot babes getting it on is a sight rarely seen from the point of view that there's quite a lot of trio material around,but most of it is in stills format,and also the quality of beauty is often not quite to my liking in the movie format. This succeeds on all the levels - the girls are all lovely,they are clearly having a great time of it,and the camera is always in the right place at the right time.SO sexy and this is straight to my top ten over and over menu. Wonderfully well done by all.
Having viewed this masterpiece of sexy for the second time, I'm absolutely thrilled to see the very adorable Candice having her pussy kissed by the equally adorable Valerie,who is certainly the hot discovery of the year so far in nude art. I also note similar delights in Valerie's gallery with Alya. Heavens above! How lucky is that? Two of my all-time favorite sexy beauties involved with one of the most beautiful ebony girls I have ever seen,and I love dark skin.Fabulous!!And all the galleries above to view!O happy day!
Stunning erotic beauty
Absolutely an amazing 12 minutes and 54 seconds of all female beauty! The soft beautiful skin, radiant energy and the mystery of erotic lesbian love making. Good work Peter! Reason I joined this site. More all women sessions would be most appreciated!!!
RE: Stunning erotic beauty
Totally concur with the "all women sessions". Whenever I notice that a scene is filmed that features a man with one of these lovely girls, I simply bypass it and look for girl on girl only films!
Fabulous and wonderful.
Beautiful women, very sexy.
Candice and Caprice
Candice and Caprice definitely like each other. Which is good!!
The tender shyness of their tongue loving was intriguing but it left the viewer just a little frustrated: the loving was "almost there" but broke off before its fuller expressions could be made real.
O...M...G!!! nuff sed!
Extremely intimate and erotic. Caprice and Candace are very beautiful, but the only thing that could make it more erotic is Valeria with Alya doing the same thing.
Candice etc
Tenderness is beautiful
Beautiful young women playing together are always a marvellous sight to behold, especially when they explicitly act out their romantic fantasies. This can easily provoke hard reactions from those lucky enough to watch them. The excellent photography adds to the viewers' enjoyment of the erotically ludic scenes.
Beautiful threesome
I love a threesome with three very beautiful girls. And wowww it’s really perfect one black girl and two white girls. But it’s a pitty the film in bed is muchhhhhh too short. I want to see more! Hopefully the next time a very long threesome? And maybe with one beautiful Asian girl (Yoko)?
love the contrast between the skin colours!!! magic movie!!