Valerie Fitness

October 18, 2011
Peak condition

Valerie is at the top of her game. Here’s how she keeps in shape.

She is perfectly toned and honed. She stretches those gorgeous legs and forms her slim body into revealing positions. To get total freedom to move as she wants she must be completely nude. As she gets into it she becomes warm and flushed. The ebony sheen reveals that she is gently moist on her flesh. She revels in all that she can do with her body.

She becomes breathless with what she is doing. So will you.

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Members' Comments

Valerie, you did good. Congrats.
This video makes me so horny, I think I'm going to grow antlers! Valerie's incredibly fit body, gorgeous skin, glistening sweat, and exciting exercises make this the perfect video treat. Even the music is perfectly composed, doing just what it needs to do. Thanks Valerie, for giving us viewers a workout we'll never forget!
This woman
I am sure I share many peoples thoughts when I say it would be wonderful to see an anal massage with Valerie
Same sequence with all girls
Do the same same sequence with all the girls. Natural tasks and exercise is much better that posed routines. Great HD Video deserves great motion. A girls' natural beauty is shown to best advantage when exercising. Massage tab and "Exercise" tab.. Keep up the excellent work.
Banjostrummer - your are right. Tatoos are turn of porn thing, like bleached hair, long nails, heavy makeup and silicon. if your body is not perfect, love the perfect part - yes everyone have perfect parts. :)
Great film of Valerie. Wonderfully shows off her sculpted work of art body. Love the glistening sheen that she develops that highlights her great definition. You can see she works hard to keep that bod looking good naked.
I am willing to bet good money that you are the next big thing Valerie after Maria Ozawa. You’ve got the staying power and star quality to stay at the top like her. Just so long as you do not repeat not get a tattoo. That’s not for someone as classy as you. There must be lots of guys like me who get really put off by them
Real person
It is good to see you enjoy yourself Valerie. I like this film because it is like I am with you in your home and see you as a person. It is good when you smile and I think that this kind of film is much better when it shows girls like you in the places where you live and where you go and not in locations where that is not possible and I do not believe them.
Did everyone else catch that pussy shot at 10:30? I play it again and again.
Turns me on
What turns me on is seeing girls doing everyday things only nude like housework or waiting at bus stops or driving a car anything like that. That is why I liked this because Valerie is doing just what I suppose she does anyway except that this time the camera was watching. I would like to know what kinds of things get other guys going. It would give me some more ideas and the girls as well.
ok...worth the wait!but, what was the hold up?
Way to go, Valerie!! You are my inspiration. You got the look I want. Now I work out following you. You shoulda seen how my guy reacted when he watched me!