Valerie Washed Ashore

June 4, 2013
High life

Take a rare chance to get a glimpse of Valerie’s exotic lifestyle. A beautiful woman deserves a beautiful setting.

She is eager to see what the day will bring. So before dawn she sets out on her discoveries. From the start she is totally at one with the natural world about her. The sun plays on her naked body as she warms to the day. She revels in each moment of the life throbbing within her.

Her excitement turns to desire. And her desire must find fulfilment.

  • Runtime: 13:12 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Constant state of Arousal?
Her nips are always erect - love them...
I like this model
I like this model, she needs to put on a little weight though..
Valerie Washed Ashore film
Valerie is wonderful, beautiful, marvellous, a constant pleasure to watch her. Long legs, sporty, agile, gazelle body. And Petter is a super photographer. But in my opinion there are too many plots in the same movie. Concentrate on only the beach, the pool or the garden. The title Washed Ashore gives me associations to a deserted beach where a naked girl is coming in from the sea and strands on a deserted island. Perhaps it could be the topic for another film. And don't always use the same nudist beach. Try find an empty place. Just my opinion.
In her kayak
There is something about watching Valerie in her kayak that gets to me. A whole movie could be made with just that.
Know more
It feels like a great way to get to know more about Valerie. How about something similar with the other girls?
RE: Know more
RE: Know more That would be good. A way to do it would be to interview them especially if the questions got really personal.
RE: RE: Know more
I agree with Lionel, intimate interviews would be a very good idea. Of course the girl would have to be naked during the interview.
Pleasures herself
She certainly gets around a lot. I think it is best when she stays still and pleasures herself like at 9:30.
RE: Pleasures herself
I think you are right. The romance scenes are the best!
Follow you
Valerie it is just like I follow you everywhere all day. I like that.
Beautiful Valerie
I never tire of the beautiful and sensual Valerie. I must go to her home island to see more women like her.