Anna S Bondage

June 22, 2010
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Liée de la tête aux pieds

Anna S est quelque peu attachée en ce moment, mais sous peu elle se libérera de ses liens afin d'explorer son ravissant corps…

Imaginez le scenario… la ravissante Anna est nue dans sa chambre, ses poignets liés –laissée à votre merci... et bien, qu'allez-vous faire ?

Voilà de quoi sont faits les rêves ! Anna se libère donc de ses liens mystérieux et ne peut résister de faire glisser ses mains sur son corps ferme, ses doigts mouillés glissant parlent à son corps et traduisent ses désirs les plus profonds …

Moment chaud et sexy assuré avec cette belle mannequin – encore un film à ne pas manquer !

  • Durée d'exécution : 8:35 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Anna S.... i would love to tie her Up
great work by all
We all know what happens to beautiful young girls that like to play bondage games, don't we? Some girls have to try very hard to be sexy. Anna would have to try very hard not to be sexy. Hell, she's probably sexy when she sleeps. Very nice again Anna S. Thank You
Beautiful film. My congrats to both the artist and the fabulous model. Time well spent!!!!
musical effect
I had to smile around 2:45 when the music stops, you hear Anna's voice and then the music turns into Jazz. Oh yeah :)
anna s
Anna S is devastatingly beautiful in a way that is hard to fathom. In group sessions, she renders the stunning naked women around her invisible. She has monopolized my attention as I've explored the site. I feel bad for Luba as Petter has obviously become infatuated with this girl too. Hazard of the trade, I suppose.
Anna s bondage and everything else
Thank you Petter for your work. Everything here is free, accurate, erotic, complice. You create wonderfull images and sensual ambiance. Please, don't stop ! Ivan, France
no more blue...
I agree with all the boys here... this girl, this film, is extra-ordinday. erotic has a new name, and I am just grateful to have seen.
a stunning woman in a stunning scene. no rating number can describe the power of this film.
10 is not high enough
this is the most erotic sequence of video I have ever seen in my life!! BRAVO!!!
my kind of movie! Ms S gives me all kinds of naughty thoughts here!
Peerlessly Precious
The tables are turned once again. Feminists would point to a woman tied up in bed as the ultimate portrayal of subjugation but nothing could be further from the truth. Tell me, did not all of us feel the power Anna has over us?! Bound, she is unbound; on the confines of a mattress, her range is limitless. This film is extraordinary.
Letting your sexuality show through
I've always thought Anna was beautiful, but she could often seem quite aloof. Not in this film, she was raw, pure and willing let her sexuality and desire shine through without any pretext. The Anna I saw in this film ... I'd do anything to make her happy and pray that she'd let me share in her pure sexuality, a glimpse of which we all shared in as we watched this film. Well done Petter and Anna ... wow!!! :)
Those last few minutes were magnificent!
This film and the one last week have been incredible! I don't want June to end! ;)