Thai Oil Massage

January 1, 2010

Filmed in a stunning beach-side location on the Thai island of Ko Samui, this film features four stunning models.

The massages take place in a white cabana, with the warmth of the sun on naked skin, the sound of the ocean rolling in the background and the scent of flowers in the air.

Simply viewing these sublime scenes will help to iron out the strains and stresses of your day…

  • Runtime: 1:12:57 Hours
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Members' Comments

Hi there are a beautiful place in thailand !!
Hi I live in thailand and need to show you that there more than a beautiful place to combine your shoot and the model !!!
RE: Hi there are a beautiful place in thailand !!
hi, i would love to visit those nice exotic places in thailand which are better than the normal places avail,endure, mutually offer & enjoy similar massages.please guide me . i strongly believe that the purpose of attaining adulthood is to be sensualized by opposite sex leading towards tantra,bliss,enlightenment.
Thai Oil
I love that the models are all natural women. No fake anything. Just beauty of all kinds for all people.
The girls are : 1st : Angelica 2nd : Paulina 3rd : Anna S 4th : Linda L
Cool Film Hot Models
Awesome stuff these girls are so sexy!
RE: Cool Film Hot Models
Great film
Good stuff. Can almost feel the sun on my skin and smell the jasmine flowers. Can’t beat an outdoors massage in exotic surroundings, it’s the ultimate in relaxation.
Can I join In?
Thailand? Four hot models? Naked massage session. It’s a no brainer, how do I join in?
RE: Can I join In?
four stunning models. <= Who are they ? :)
RE: RE: Can I join In?
Angelica Anna S Linda L Paulina