Anna S Roller Blades

November 18, 2008
Nude Roller Disco

Anyone here old enough to remember the 1970’s? The roller discos? Well welcome to the roller disco for the 21st Century!

That’s the all-nude version of course. And who better to demonstrate than the unbelievably gorgeous Anna S – dressed in a baseball cap, kneepads, roller-blades and absolutely nothing else!

Admire the view as Anna limbers up for a session of nude roller-blading around Petter Hegre’s studio. We are sure you will agree that this has to be the sexiest way to stay in shape.

Cute, fun and sexy as ever, come and join Anna at the all-nude roller disco!

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Members' Comments

Dreams come true
Thanks Anna S.
She don't have idea about skate and look's scared or nervous, but is beautiful.
anna s
anna s is always magnificent.