AnnaS Sur la table de la cuisine

December 29, 2009
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Plaisirs gourmands

Jetez un oeil approfondi sur ce qu’on vous a concocté pour cette semaine ! Anna S n’a pas besoin de tenue vestimentaire : sa beauté naturelle et hors du commun est plus que suffisante !

Profitez d’Anna tout comme elle profite d’elle-même dans ce nouveau film sensuel. Contemplez-la et laissez-vous séduire pendant qu’elle caresse ses seins fermes et joue avec sa chatte et ses doigts coquins…

Il y a des filles qui n’ont aucun effort à faire pour être sexy, elles le sont naturellement, nous sommes certains que vous tomberez d’accord avec nous : Anna S est ce genre de nana.

Alors installez-vous confortablement, détendez-vous et profitez de cette festivité visuelle !

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Commentaires des Membres

And, Anna:
Happy is the man who can sink in your eyes!
does not have to open her pussy lips. She is perfection in any move. So, look at other girls, friend maha!
Anna kitchen
scrumptious...but, could have opened up her pussy lips!!
Anna S with a Girl
I've long been fascinated by Anna S. I know Mr. Hegre occasionally gives us VERY intimate moments between two girls, and I know Anna S has been on film getting as intimate as is possible with another girl. Any chance of having Anna S be part of the centerpiece as Mr. Hegre delivers a girl-girl exploration?
A Goddess
And to add: Yes, she is a Goddess of beauty. Yes, Anna, you are a goddess of beauty! And stay on the ground!
Yes, that is what we need! Let us hear more about and from Anna! And: congratulations to JMHthe3rd. One cannot express admiration of Anna any better!
A Goddess
If girls like Ama and Sian are the girls next door, then Anna S is a goddess, pure and seemingly unattainable. She seems to transcend the mortal realm, like a platonic ideal of beauty, with only the subtlest of clues (a tiny mole here and there, the scars on her leg) to remind us she's flesh and blood. Any chance of her doing an interview video, like what you did for Olena O? I (and I think a lot of other members) would really love that.
please do such a movie with Thea and Muriel
RE: great...
I feel privileged to just see her eyes. Much less naked
Bewitchingly Beautiful Eroticism
Probably the most sensitively erotic feature of Anna so far. Simply exquisite and an irresistible turn on!
Deliciously moist ~ the perfect mouthful.
I Was Not Ready For This
I never take Anna for granted. That being said, this film begins with a wallop and doesn't let up. The feeling I get from this is one of extreme luckiness. Anna and her lucky observer have been out and about and back at the room a spontaneous tantalization happens. I love everything about her. Those little scars on her inner right thigh. That smile at 04:30. That catlike ready-to-pounce finale.
It does not get any better then that. Anna is such a joy to have with us. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
as always a pleasure