Emily Fast Flicking Orgasme

May 24, 2016
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De l'orgasme pour les connaisseurs…

Chez Hegre.com nous vous montrons du vécu, des clichés de la vraie vie. Alors tenez-vous prêt à regarder une vraie femme avoir un vrai orgasme. Alors que la lumière du soleil réchauffe son corps nu, les doigts aguerris d'Emily se mettent à l'oeuvre. Ils vont vous étonner avec leur agilité et rapidité.

Calez-vous bien dans votre siège ça va tanguer, vous n'allez pas seulement contempler mais vénérer sa vulve grandeur nature. Il n'y a rien de plus naturel, sensuel et excitant que de regarder une femme prendre son pied..

Un orgasme réservé aux connaisseurs. Profitez.

  • Durée d'exécution : 15:08 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

a beautiful giggle to top up an elegant masturbation
Her labia are the prettiest pink I've ever seen.
Some women are silent cummers.
Sweet, delicious Emily
I loved your little giggle near the conclusion, I wish you would scream once in awhile, or moan, or whimper.
RE: Sweet, delicious Emily
Yes lovely but no sound or scream or groan. A silent orgasm?
Erotica, what it's all about
Another personal and extremely erotic Emily presentation. This girl is one of the few girls who underpin this site and one of the few who has the confidence to willingness to show all. She and very few others are one of the reasons that many people renew their subscriptions and long may she give us these extremely sensual erotic offerings. It is a pity that so few of the other models current and appearing on this site can cut the mustard or willing to be as artistic and open as Emily. Come on Girls prove me wrong!! It would certainly improve the site and even possibly membership!
RE: Erotica, what it's all about
I agree Sandy UK. Emily goes all out and is a leader, for any site in my opinion. More girls should. You know, if a woman poses nude or performs like this, it's not as if there's anything to gain by going halfway or attempting to look modest once they've made the plunge. Petter will never push the models out of their comfort zone, so it is up to them.
delightful as always
there's something about Emily's smile and giggle at the end that makes one just want to watch again - well, I guess that's what the download button is for I will say though, that I can find all soft jazz soundtrack I want elsewhere - part of the enjoyment of this kind of lasciviousness is unrestrained vocalization - or maybe Emily is just shy enough to hold that back? I can't be the only one hoping not thanks Emily
What a stunning film! Thanks Emily.
This film is why this website is so popular - perfect!
Orgasmic Contractions
Beautiful closeups of Emily's luscious vulva. Love the erotic and energetic masturbation as she is really going for her climax. I can't believe we only see the actual orgasm on her face. A continuation of the video from the view captured at 13:10 would have shown the clenching contractions of her vulva as she came. It would be far more erotic than just seeing her face.
What a fantastic film. How can one woman be so gorgeous and so far away. So unfair!
sweet and lovely !
beautiful Emily and sensual touch.... love it
Emily Fast Flicking orgasm
Great film, thanks Emily, lovely. Great videography, great close ups and good lighting. Liked the sound track too, like the window was open with people noises; soft music too but not loud enough to hear the intimate sounds of Emily having lots of pleasure. Mmmm nice one.
Lovely Emily is definitely not a screamer! lol I liked the subtle "mood music" in the background. added a bit of romanticism, without being loud enough to block out the sound of Ms Bloom sloshing around in there! lol BRAVO!!!
Flickin' the bean, nicely done. :)