Double Orgasm Massage

May 26, 2015

Did someone order room service?

High up above the streets of Manhattan, Emily is trying to relax in her hotel room. After a long day on a shoot, she needs to release the tension from her body. So she calls out for a massage.

But this is no ordinary room service massage. In a New York minute, the magical erotic touch of the masseuse is transporting her to another world of relaxation.

With pleasure like this she soon forgets the hustle and bustle of New York City.

  • Runtime: 24:03 Minutes
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Members' Comments

I love how her natural juices oose out at 5:05
The masseuse! She shoud be nude, as well.
Although she doesn't have the spectacular body that Emily has, we should see her smaller breasts. Just look at her arms! She really is quite lovely.
Love her brown eye and spreed cheeks Emily is a doll
Just love this gal she is so cute never get tired of looking at her.
Question why are the pads of her fingers not towards the front of her vagina so she can sense her arousal?
Her G Spot is towards the front of her vagina and the pads of your finger tips are the most sensitive to touch you can feel as the G spot gets aroused and better keep her on the edge, also the neck and shoulders are sensitive to touch as well so why is this area not being locked after. Emily is one gorgeous looking girl love seeing her exposed this way.
WoooooW super jolie
Hegre envelopes the body in a milieu of ritual: its rightful place.
sensual massage
Amazing, so beatiful. Congratulations to Emily, and to the exceptional massager. Extraordinaire, vraiment magnifique. Féliciitations à Emily et encore plus à la masseuse.
sweet, beautiful Emily...
excellent however
This is one of the best of its kind. Beautiful people and wonderful shooting. However, I have a suggestion. Firstly I know this isn't a girl/girl video, but a little eye contact goes a long way. Orgasms are primarily about interaction between two people after all. Even if a person is all alone, they aren't thinking about just their own unit the entire time lol. So even an occasional glance would spice it up a lot. Have the women connect in some way. Also I've seen women take a look at the camera with an OMG look which makes their orgasm really takes off.
Beautful booty & crinkled brown eye so exquesitly displayed just love Emily she has the prefect body
Love seeing this gal on her stomach spread wide open for the world to see, wish we could have seen more attention focused on her brown eye as well as her clitoris the Hi Def. camera shoots are great showing the crinkles in her brown eye as well as the details of what is inside her inner lips as she receives her massage, keeps us sitting on the edge of our seats as we watch. Love seeing her on her back as her stomach mussels start to contract and we see her right foot respond as well as she nears her orgasm. Would just love to give this gal tons of hug's she is so cute and adorable ;-)
You are great and I was delighted seiing you reaching tense orgasm. A splendid film
the masseuse
Who is the masseuse? Beautiful scene!
So sensual and erotic. Love it. She has the most creamy pussy I've seen on this site. Very nice!!!