Emily Lost in the Power of the Magic Wand

April 29, 2014
Unmissable Emily

Give her the orgasm of her life!

In this clean, beautifully shot film Emily begins to tease both holes with the Magic Wand. Soon her body is jerking about with uncontrolled muscle spasms. She quickly realises the only way to deal with this much pleasure is to completely let go – to get lost in the magic wand.

The orgasms become so strong she grabs hold of her own body, digging her fingers deep into her skin. But it’s the looks to camera that are the most intense.

You’ll feel like it’s only you on her mind and that you’re the reason for the most intense orgasm of her life.

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  • Runtime: 15:55 Minutes
  • Format:
    • Full HD 1080p (197 MB)
    • HD 720p (141 MB)
    • SD 480p (91 MB)

Members' Comments

So much energy, that's how you do it!
My goodness! What a splendid indulgence - a delicious pleasure!
bella ragazza
I love her noseflares. Her noseflare (especially when her nostrils flare with fast movements) seems to be synchron with every arousal and with touches of her erogenous zones. May be a fetish of me. But flaring nostrils arouse me.
She got all of it inside of her
Great video, i am glad she got almost all of it inside of her.. with no help..
Magic Wand
I not only enjoy any video featuring the use of a loud Hitachi Magic Wand but even better when the user is sitting up on one elbow or humping and grinding on a bed for instance for a much better view of everything and with the sound of the pleasure machine made even louder when amplified by a bed or floor. This video is such a turnon and well done without a lot of background clutter so that the full attention is on the erotic activity going on.
Emily is, as always, adorable. And so very, very sexy.
just a delight to see emily enjoy this so much. few pleasures as good as watching a beautiful woman enjoy cumming so much
A rare sight
Are they many sites on the net where you can admire so beautiful blue eyes slightly slanting , a skin so purely white letting see the blue of the veins on neck and cheeks ?. The remainder is just routine on the net .
I just ordered one, I'll post a review here once it comes.
Lost in magic love?
Is that an engagement ring i see on Emily's finger? Now im jealous of man and machine ;)
Magic Wand attachment
Where Oh where does one get that great blue attachment? I haven't seen that in US catalogues.
RE: Magic Wand attachment
you can buy it in the hegre shop http://hegre.com/shop/categories/hegre-massagers i ordered one of them myself yesterday :)
Lost in the Magic of Emily
That smile at the beginning and those looks in the camera are killing me, i'm totally lost in Emily's magic. Getting a look into her eyes is always energizing, but getting this while she is loosing control and having so much pleasure? I just don't find the right words, it's one the most beautiful gifts a girl can give. Emily is pure perfection and this film is an instant classic, every second, every detail and her emotions are perfectly captured. It's a fulfillment of a fantasy and something only Hegre.com can deliver, real and clean, but beautifully and artfully shot. I knew this will be wonderful, i remember that special look and glare in your eyes, dear Emily, while you where shortly teasing me about this. ;) I can't thank you enough.
Orgasm Competition
Emily certainly enjoyed this device. I would like to see a film in which naked Emily and Flora - or some of your other adventurous models - compete to find which of them could achieve the most consecutive orgasms whilst riding astride a Sybian. (The Sybian is currently the most powerful orgasm-inducing machine available).
RE: Orgasm Competition
Orgasmic competition sounds like fun. Besides the symbian i think the magic wand in hand of two professional massage therapists would be great, or maybe let the "competitors" use it on each other? And last but not least, how about going back to the setup of Emily's unforgettable film "Extreme Restraints"? Two girls on such a chair, restrained, but with a button in hand to turn of the Magic Wand. Who can take it longer? There is also that "Forced Orgasm Massage" that comes in mind... Petter? Ok, enough of dirty little fantasies. ;)
Beauty in motion
To see true beauty loose control like that is simply amazing. This is why I keep coming back to this website; stunning girls having real orgasms. Emily is simply perfection and her wetness and popping veins tell me this is as real as it gets.
wow! i've gotta get my wife one of those genius things to put on the top of the magic wand!!!